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# Title Type Keywords Description Date Author
1090 Relative path for SQLite not working with WIX Toolset Stackoverflow SQLite, SQLite Deployment, Runtime, Databases, DBMS, Prerequisite Deployment SQLite properly for both x86 and x64 configurations. 2018-Sep-13 Stein Åsmul
1089 User-based removal of previous version in Installer Project Stackoverflow Multi instances, Several Instances, MSI, WiX, Instance Transforms, Virtuals, Virtualization, Side-by-side How can I create an MSI Installer which lets the user decide whether a previous version should be retained or not? 2018-Aug-25 Stein Åsmul
1088 Installing Multiple Instances by different msi having same Package Code Stackoverflow Multi-instance, Several Instances, MSI, WiX, Instance Transforms, Virtuals, Packagecode, Productcode, Upgradecode, Virtualization, Side-by-side Installing multiple instances of MSI files is a difficult task. This has to do with the complexity of the paradigm and how it is largely unsuited for this particular scenario. 2018-Aug-02 Stein Åsmul
1087 How to debug custom bootstrap application? Stackoverflow Debug, Bundle, Debugging bootstrapper, WiX, Bootstrapper Application Procedure to debug WiX Bundle Bootstrapper Applications. 2013-Apr-09 Rob Mensching
1086 WixToolset 3.11 Util:PermissionEx error for createfolder Stackoverflow Unhandled extension, WiX, Util, Conflicting extensions, Collision, WindowsInstallerXml, UtilExtension, WixUtilExtension.dll Fixing unhandled extension element 'util:PermissionEx'. WixUtilExtension.dll 2019-May-08 Stein Åsmul
1085 Installer Project Custom Actions - Specify working directory Stackoverflow Working Directory, Custom Action, Hotfixing MSI, Getting the working directory for Visual Studio Installer Project custom actions. 2018-Sep-25 Stein Åsmul
1084 WIX Installer: Prevent installation on Windows Server 2012 R2 Stackoverflow Versionlessness, Evergreen, Windows 10 Version, Property Debugger, Debugging Detecting Windows Server 2012 R2. And more. 2018-Apr-06 Stein Åsmul
1083 Failed to get MSI property in UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE, WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED Stackoverflow WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED, UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE, Major Upgrade, C++, Installscript, VBScript, GetProperty, Retrive Properties How to condition custom actions to not run during upgrades. 2018-Dec-26 Stein Åsmul
1082 Registering COM EXE with WIX Stackoverflow regsvr32.exe, /regserver, /unregserver, RegSpy.exe, RegSpy2.exe, heat.exe, Paraffin, Self-Registration Registering COM EXE files requires other tools than registering DLL and OCX COM files. 2019-Apr-01 Stein Åsmul
1081 Get dir setup install shield Stackoverflow SETUPEXEDIR, SRCDIR, PACKAGE_LOCATION, SourceDir, OriginalDatabase An Installscript sample for retrieving MSI properties. And how to get the setup.exe location. 2017-Dec-27 Stein Åsmul
1080 Enabling Harvest (Heat.exe) in a Wix Setup Project URL WiX, heat.exe, Harvest, Automatic Build, Setup Creation A tutorial on how to use heat.exe to automatically create a WiX installer for a folder structure. 2017-Aug-22 PandaWebSolutions
1079 The CSS Layout Workshop URL CSS, HTML, Layout, Design, Web An online course for CSS Layout by a leader in the field. 2018-Dec-29 Rachel Andrew
1078 x86 and ia64 and x64, oh my! Blog Entry 64-bit patches, 64 bitness, 64-bit, x86, AMD64, IA64, x64 Bitness. Oh the humanity! 2005-Feb-17 Heath Stewart
1077 WiX custom uninstallation action - how to run before msi removing files Stackoverflow Conditions, Conditioning, Custom Actions, Delete Files, Uninstall, Modify, Repair, Installation Mode How to run and condition a cleanup custom action? 2018-Jun-18 Various
1076 How to express a file dependency using WiX Stackoverflow Shared Runtimes, Merge Modules, WiX Include Files, Static Linking, Deployment, Versions Some up to date Merge Module files could be missing after uninstalling latest version of dependent application. 2018-Dec-13 Stein Åsmul
1075 Initiating Self-Repair and Advertising Features with Entry Point URL MSI, Self-Repair, Self-Healing, Advertised Entry Points What can trigger MSI Self-Repair? 2007-Oct-31 WiseUser
1074 How to restrict user to change feature in case modify and upgrade in installer? Stackoverflow Feature State, ALLUSERS, REMOVE, msiexec.exe, How to restrict user to change feature in case modify and upgrade in installer? 2018-Dec-12 Stein Åsmul
1073 Remove other software on installation Stackoverflow Major Upgrade, Upgrade, UpgradeTable, Remove Software, Burn When installing my software I need to take care another msi package is uninstalled before. Is this possible? Can burn do this for me? 2018-Nov-29 Stein Åsmul
1072 Wix per user installer to detect the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Stackoverflow WiX, VCRedist, Runtime, MSI, Merge Modules, UWP, Universal CRT There are many challenges and ways to install the VC runtime. 2018-Dec-05 Stein Åsmul
1071 Wix Toolkit - MSI Installer - Window's pop-up constantly appears when installed application is launched Stackoverflow MSI, Self-Repair, Self-Healing Various links to information about MSI Self-Healing. 2018-Dec-12 Stein Åsmul
1070 How to extract only some of the features during administrative installation? Stackoverflow Admininstrative Installation, Features, File Extract, Feature Level How to extract only some of the features via a hack to the Feature Level setting in the MSI. 2018-Dec-12 Stein Åsmul
1069 MSI API: RepositionCheckbox.js Github MSI API, Database, Update SQL, Insert SQL, Controls, Dialog Basic JavaScript example of how to update a database via ActiveScripting og SQL. 2012-Jun-19 axxie
1068 Custom installer for application in Visual Studio 2017 Advanced Installer Node.JS, Installing, Service, NodeJS web app, NodeJS web app as a Windows service How to install Node.JS applications with Advanced Installer. 2016-Jun-14 Advanced Installer
1067 Wix C# Custom Action Logging Not Working Stackoverflow Custom Action, Logging, C#, DoAction ControlEvent, MsiProcessMessage MsiProcessMessage (the API behind session.Log) cannot be used from a ControlEvent. 2010-Aug-17 Michael Urman
1066 About component, package, product and upgrade codes in Windows Installer Flexera MSI, Windows Installer, GUIDs, Upgrade, Product, Package Various GUIDs of importance for MSI files. 2010-Jan-01 Flexera
1065 Useful WMIC Queries Blog Entry WMI, Queries, wmic, CLI WMIC is a utility that allows you to interact with WMI from a WMI-aware command-line shell. 2012-Feb-17 Blake Morrison
1064 Windows 10 Universal C Runtime URL VCRedist, Windows 10 Universal C Runtime, Runtime Dependency The Windows 10 Universal C Runtime (CRT) is a Windows OS component. This update package allows Windows desktop applications that depend on the Windows 10 Universal CRT release to run on Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 S14. 2015-Jul-27 Microsoft
1063 PowerShell Script: Test Chrome, Firefox & IE Browser Performance Blog Entry PowerShell, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Performance Performance testing for browsers using PowerShell 2018-Dec-04 Helge Klein
1062 How to execute conditional custom action on install and modify only? Stackoverflow MSI, Conditions, Condition Testing, VBScript, Installation Mode Light-Weight MSI Condition Testing using VBScript. 2018-Sep-18 Stein Åsmul
1061 Keyboard shortcuts in Windows Microsoft Support Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows A long list of keyboard shortcuts in Windows. Very useful, many weird tricks: virtual desktops, record screen, etc... 2018-Sep-21 Microsoft Support
1060 Paul Betts Github Github, Microsoft, Paul Betts, Squirrel Paul Betts's Github repositories. 2014-Sep-27 Paul Betts
1059 What is the use of Repair option in a msi installer and what does it really do (internally)? Stackoverflow Repair, Self-Repair, MSI, WiX, Advanced Installer, InstallShield What does Repair do from Add / Remove Programs? 2018-Apr-02 Stein Åsmul
1058 WIX custom action debugging doesn't work Stackoverflow WiX, DTF, Custom Action, Debugging, Techniques, MsiBreak Debugging MSI custom actions. 2013-Mar-14 Various
1057 How to create fully fledged C# custom actions Advanced Installer MSI, Advanced Installer, Managed Code, Custom Action, C#, How-To How to use managed code custom actions. 2018-Dec-04 Advanced Installer
1056 Doing Major Upgrade in Wix creates 2 entries in Add/Remove Programs Stackoverflow Major Upgrade Old Style, Major Upgrade Element, INI Files Implementing old and modern major upgrade in WiX. 2018-Feb-13 Stein Åsmul
1055 Why use Windows Installer XML (WiX) over VDPROJ? Stackoverflow WiX, VDProd, Visual Studio Installer Projects, Problems There are many problems with Visual Studio Installer Projects. Chris Painter's top issues. 2010-Apr-14 Chris Painter
1054 WIX run second application then first is done Stackoverflow Burn, Multiple Installs, Installation Sequence Installing multiple MSI files in sequence. 2018-Feb-26 Stein Åsmul
1053 Get INI file value with WiX Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, INI Files, Read, Write, AppSearch Reading values from INI files is not entirely straight forward. 2009-Jun-28 Various
1052 Added new application setting to app.config but MSI won't install it (doesn't overwrite) Stackoverflow WiX, XML, Config, Updates, app.config, XmlConfig Element, XmlFile Element WiX elements to use to update XML files. 2018-Mar-07 Stein Åsmul
1051 wix service install not enough permission Stackoverflow WiX, Service, Permissions, Service Startup Problems Debugging service startup and permission problems. 2018-Aug-09 Stein Åsmul
1050 Twitter: Mike Gunderloy Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Dec-02 Mike Gunderloy
1049 WIX Installer Preserve config file On major upgrade early Scheduling Stackoverflow Settings, Major Upgrade, Preserve Settings, Overwrite, File Reversion How to preserve settings files during Windows Installer major upgrades that are scheduled early (full uninstall and reinstall). 2018-Dec-02 Chris Painter, Stein Åsmul
1048 Demystifying the .NET Global Assembly Cache URL GAC, .NET, Fusion, Fusion Cache About the Global Assembly Cache. 2004-Jan-15 Jeremiah Talkar
1047 (freeware) URL Freeware, Tools, Articles, Etc... Many freeware tools for advanced Windows use. 2018-Nov-29 Nir Sofer
1046 .NET Serviced Components (COM+) URL COM+, COM+ Services, COM + Enterprise Services, Pooling, JITA, COM+ Transactions, COM+ Syncronization, RegSvcs.exe Primer on the mysterious COM+. 2018-Nov-29
1045 Registration-Free Activation of COM Components: A Walkthrough Microsoft MSDN Registration Free COM, Manifest, Isolation, Side-by-side Assemblies Registration free COM is a mysterious topic. 2005-Jun-01 Steve White, Leslie Muller
1044 Fusion (Unmanaged API Reference) Microsoft Docs Fusion Unmanaged API, GAC, .NET The fusion API enables a runtime host to access the properties of an application's resources in order to locate the correct versions of those resources for the application. 2017-Mar-30 Microsoft
1043 When and when-not to install into the GAC? Stackoverflow GAC, Deployment, Advantages, Disadvantages When to deploy to the GAC and when not to. 2009-Jan-31 Various
1042 When should I deploy my assemblies into the GAC? Stackoverflow GAC, Assemblies, Deployment When to deploy assemblies to the GAC? 2010-Mar-15 Various
1041 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the GAC? Stackoverflow GAC, Advantages, Disadavantages, Security, Overhead, Side-by-side, NGEN, Precompiled, Deployment Complexity, Admin Rights, Elevated Rights, Disc Space The GAC is a controversial topic and feature with positives and negatives. 2007-May-31 Various
1040 Tools Included in Debugging Tools for Windows Microsoft Docs Debugging Environments, Tools, Debugging Tools For Windows There are many debugging tools for Windows. Use with caution! System-wide problems very possible from haphazard use. 2017-Nov-28 Microsoft Docs
1039 How to check for DLL dependency? Stackoverflow Dependency Walker, dumpbin, Imports, Linking Tools and description of dependency scanning. 2007-May-31 Various
1038 New Reference Assemblies Location Blog Entry Reference Assemblies, Location, GAC, Runtime, Design Time Reference assemblies are to be referenced when building new components. 2007-Apr-12 Jeffery Callahan
1037 GAC folders - too many? Stackoverflow GAC, CLR 2.0, CLR 4.0, Reference Assemblies There are two separate GACs per CLR version, and there are also reference assemblies. %windir%\assembly and %windir%\Microsoft.NET\assembly. 2007-May-31 Jon
1036 Windows 7 Kernel Architecture Changes - api-ms-win-core files (API-Sets) Article Nirsoft, API-Set, Win32, Dependency, Imports, Exports, Static Linking The API-Set feature introduced in Windows 7 described. 2018-Nov-29 Nir Sofer
1035 .NET 4.0 has a new GAC, why? Stackoverflow GAC, .NET 2.0, .NET 4.0, CLR 2.0, CLR 4.0, Backwards Compatibility .NET 4.0 split the GAC into two, one for CLR 2 and one for CLR 4. Why split? Passant guess: too many .NET projects out violating the "never reference anything in the GAC directly" rule 2007-May-31 Brian R. Bondy
1034 Peering Inside the PE: A Tour of the Win32 Portable Executable File Format Microsoft MSDN PE, Win32 Portable Executable Format, Classic article about the Win32 Portable Executable Format. 2007-May-31 Matt Pietrek
1033 MsiInstallProduct throw NullReferenceException on window 2016 Stackoverflow MSI API, Install, ConfigureProduct, Exception, COM, Win32, DTF, Managed Code Installing MSI files via automation or Win32. 2018-Nov-29 Stein Åsmul
1032 Desktop applicaton not opening after installation in client system Stackoverflow Application Launch Debugging Issues, Dependencies, Prerequisites, Privileges, Permissions, Profiles, AD, User Profile, Encoding, Etc... There can be many reasons for launch problems for an application. 2018-Nov-29 Stein Åsmul
1031 Trying to run devenv.exe on a Jenkins machine without installing Visual studio Stackoverflow devenv.exe, WiX, Samples, Quick Start, MSI, Visual Studio Installer Projects, vdproj WiX quick start samples. Running devenv.exe without installing Visual Studio is ill adviced. 2018-Nov-28 Stein Åsmul
1030 Primus - Mr. Krinkle Fun Music, Lunacy, Primus, Fun and not Fun As creepy things go, this scores very high. 2018-Nov-28 YouTube
1029 WiX XSL transform to conditionally remove components Stackoverflow XSLT, Heat.exe, Cleanup, WiX Markup Cleaning up Hea.exe generated WiX markup. 2018-Nov-28 daughey
1028 Windows API Sets Microsoft Docs Windows API Sets, Dependencies, API-Sets, Win32 An API Set is a strong name for a list of Win32 APIs. 2018-May-31 Microsoft Docs
1027 How do you automate a Visual Studio build? Stackoverflow Visual Studio Build, NAnt, MSBuild Automating Visual Studio builds. 2008-Aug-29 Agnel Kurian
1026 Using the viewport meta tag to control layout on mobile browsers Reference Mobile Devices, Viewport, Meta Tag, Web Page, Responsive Design The Viewport concept and mobile devices. 2018-Oct-07 richardkmichael (et al)
1025 A pixel is not a pixel is not a pixel Blog Entry Web, HTML, CSS, Mobile, Small Screens, Pixels How to adapt a web page for small screens. 2010-Apr-20 Peter-Paul Koch
1024 Jon Skeet Github Github, Jon Skeet, Stackoverflow Legend Stackoverflow's number one user's github repository. 2008-Jun-14 Jon Skeet
1023 Jon Skeet's web-site URL Jon Skeet, Samples, Code Downloads, Video Downloads, Book Jon Skeet's site accompanying the book C# In Depth. 2018-Nov-25 Jon Skeet
1022 Twitter: Jon Skeet Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Nov-25 Jon Skeet
1021 Stackoverflow User: Jon Skeet Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stack Overflow Legend Jon Skeet. 2018-Nov-25 Jon Skeet
1020 Aaron Stebner's Github Github Github, Microsoft, Aaron Stebner Aaron Stebner's Github repositories. 2016-May-19 Aaron Stebner
1019 Versioning (Microsoft Open-source library guidance) URL NuGet Package Version, Assembly Version, Assembly File Version, Assembly Informational Version, Breaking Changes A .NET library has many ways to specify a version. 2018-Oct-02 Microsoft Docs
1018 MSP does not replace a specific file Installdude Forum Patching, File Overwrite, Companion File, REINSTALLMODE Patching and file overwrite can be challenging. 2015-Feb-03 Stein Åsmul
1017 File versioning rules do not apply - why? Installdude Forum File Versioning Rules, MSI, File Overwrite, Companion File MSI's file overwrite behavior is very complex. 2007-May-31 Stein Åsmul
1016 Microsoft Installer command line string parameter not working? Stackoverflow Powershell, msiexec.exe, Install, Command Line Using PowerShell to install. 2018-Nov-23 Stein Åsmul
1015 Extracting Binary Data from MSI Stackoverflow Binary Data, MSI, MSI API, PowerShell, C++ C++ snippet to extract binary data from an MSI. 2017-Aug-18 Phil Wilson
1014 Creating table using Powershell Blog Entry PowerShell, Table How to create a table using PowerShell. 2012-Feb-01 RameshRK
1013 .NET API Browser URL .NET, API, Browser The .NET API. 2007-May-31 Microsoft Docs
1012 The VBScript-to-Windows PowerShell Conversion Guide URL PowerShell, Snippets Information from Microsoft on how to convert VBScripts to PowerShell. 2009-Nov-12 Microsoft Docs
1011 PowerShell Scriptomatic URL PowerShell, Snippets PowerShell tool from Microsoft. 2010-Jun-08 Microsoft Docs
1010 PowerShell Module Browser URL PowerShell, Gallery, Samples, Snippets Search all PowerShell modules and cmdlets from Microsoft. 2018-Nov-21 Microsoft Docs
1009 PowerShell Gallery URL PowerShell, Gallery, Samples, Snippets Library of PowerShell scripts, samples. 2018-Nov-21 PowerShell Gallery
1008 Alexander Hass Blogger WiX, MSI MSI, WiX and technology blog from Alexander Hass. 2018-Nov-21 Alexander Hass
1007 WiX: How to use RemoveFolderEx in your XML scripts Blog Entry WiX, RemoveFolderExe, RemoveFolder, MSI, WiX Sample WiX sample for RemoveFolderEx. 2018-Nov-21 Alexander Hass
1006 Stackoverflow User: Tom Blodget Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2007-May-31 Tom Blodget
1005 Jason Ginchereau Github Github, Source Control, Microsoft Jason Gincereau. Microsoft. 2018-Nov-21 Jason Ginchereau
1004 Linus Torvalds Github Github, Source Control, Linus Torvalds Legendary Linux creator Linus Torvalds. 2018-Nov-21 Linus Torvalds
1003 How to avoid the “Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting warning” Stackoverflow Windows Defender, SmartScreen, Certificate, Trust SmartScreen is about more than certificates. It is about trust. 2018-Feb-23 Stein Åsmul
1002 Activation Context Reference Microsoft Docs Activation Context, Application Manifest, CreateProcess, Side-By-Side Assembly, Windows Shell, Activation Context API The activation context functions and structures are used with side-by-side assemblies. 2018-May-31 Microsoft Docs
1001 Activation Contexts Microsoft Docs Activation Context, Application Manifest, CreateProcess, Side-By-Side Assembly, Windows Shell, Activation Context API Activation contexts are data structures in memory containing information that the system can use to redirect an application to load a particular DLL version, COM object instance, or custom window version. 2018-May-31 Microsoft Docs
1000 Windows Installer Errors 2738 and 2739 with Script Custom Actions Blog Entry MSI, Custom Actions, Script, VBScript, JScript Runtime errors with script custom actions. 2007-May-31 Heath Stewart
999 Immediate Custom Actions Always Impersonate Blog Entry Custom Action, Immediate, Impersonate, User Context Impersonation in MSI custom actions. 2007-Jul-12 Heath Stewart
998 Installation Guidelines for User-editable Configuration Blog Entry MSI, Registry, User Configurable User configurable data has always been a challenge to include in setups. 2006-Dec-21 Heath Stewart
997 Why a Custom Action May Not Run Blog Entry MSI, Custom Action, Debugging, Runtime Failure xxx 2006-Jun-11 Heath Stewart
996 The Dangers of ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT Blog Entry MSI, ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT hides the product from Add / Remove Products. 2005-Aug-05 Heath Stewart
995 How Patching Works Blog Entry MSI, Patching Windows Installer patching can be excrutiating to deal with. 2005-Sep-12 Heath Stewart
994 Custom Action Guidelines Blog Entry Custom Action, Guidelines Custom actions should be used as sparingly as possible. 2007-Apr-20 Heath Stewart
993 Integration Hurdles for EXE Custom Actions Blog Entry EXE, Custom Actions, Challenges EXE custom actions - the thing that shouldn't be. 2007-Oct-20 zhakim
992 EXE Custom Actions are Bad Blog Entry Custom Action, EXE, MSI Don't use EXE custom actions. 2007-Oct-24 Heath Stewart
991 ResolveSource Requires Source Blog Entry MSI, ResolveSource, Source The ResolveSource action needs source access. 2007-Oct-25 Heath Stewart
990 Debugging Custom Actions: Leaked Handles Blog Entry Debugging, Custom Actions, MSI, Windows Installer, Leaked Handles An issue that comes up from time to time is leaked handles. 2008-Feb-12 Heath Stewart
989 Custom Setup Options in Windows Installer MSI, Dialogs, Features, Setup Options The built-in options for setup features in MSI files can be confusing. 2001-Feb-01 Stefan Krüger
988 Monitoring (deployment tool) Tool Monitoring, Processes, MSI, Deployment Several common tools for deployment. 2018-Nov-19 Stefan Krüger
987 Equations Stackoverflow Fun,, Equations Oh the humanity! 2018-Nov-19
986 Insanity Fun Insanity, Fun, The dawn of reason. 2018-Nov-19
985 Compiling Fun Compiling, Fun, Sword Fighting, Spolsky Meanwhile in Spolsky-land. Sword fighting in the hallways was a common affair prior to NVME disks. 2018-Nov-19
984 Spoiler Alert (allusion abuse) Fun, Fun, Allusion Abuse Too many things at once. 2018-Nov-19
983 Book Burning Fun Burning, Fun,, Burning, Fumes, Toxic Oh No! 2018-Nov-19
982 The Familiar Stackoverflow Computers, Fun, Time, Trip Familiar indeed. 2018-Nov-19
981 Standards Fun Fun,, Standards Never ending story has an end. 2018-Nov-19
980 Exploits of a mom (Little Bobby Tables) Fun Fun, Little Bobby Tables, Little Bobby Void Beware of SQL! 2018-Nov-19
979 Unmatched Fun Parenthesis, Fun Unmatched! 2018-Nov-19
978 Spinal Tap Amps Fun Jokes, The infamous Spinal Tap. 2018-Nov-19
977 Why Windows Installer May Require so much Disk Space Blog Entry Windows Installer, Disc Space Windows Installer is a disc space thief. 2008-Jul-25 Heath Stewart
976 Resolving Prompts for Source Blog Entry Resolve Source, Source List, MsiSourceList Prompts for MSI source are very disruptive. 2005-Dec-02 Heath Stewart
975 Windows Installer Cache Blog Entry %WINDIR%\Installer Windows Installer source media caching. MSP / Patch caching. Some technical issues have changed since this was written. Please see Why does MSI require the original .msi file to proceed with an uninstall?. 2005-Nov-29 Heath Stewart
974 Changes to Package Caching in Windows Installer 5.0 Blog Entry Package Caching, Installer Cache, MSI 5.0 MSI package caching has changed over the years. 2009-Feb-02 Heath Stewart
973 Caching of MSI in Windows\Installer folder Stackoverflow MSI, Caching, Installer About Windows Installer installer file caching. 2011-Nov-14 piyushnasa
972 How do I make a 64 bit MSI? Stackoverflow 64-Bit Package, MSI, Windows Installer, Dialogs How to compile a proper 64-bit MSI using WiX. 2018-Apr-26 Stein Åsmul
971 Moving or disabling the package cache for Visual Studio 2017 Blog Entry Visual Studio 2017, Installation Cache, Moving, Disk Space Moving the Visual Studio package cache can be necessary sometimes. 2017-Apr-17 Heath Stewart
970 I screwed up, how can I uninstall my program? Stackoverflow MSI, msiexec.exe, Failed Install How to get rid of broken installations that won't run the uninstall sequence. 2012-Mar-14 Wim Coenen
969 Uninstall without an MSI file Stackoverflow Uninstall, MSI, msiexec.exe Information on MSI caching and uninstall. 2009-Jun-30 Stein Åsmul
968 Is it possible to define a Windows Installer-uninstaller filename? Stackoverflow Windows Installer, MSI, Uninstall, Display Name Undesirable name showing. And why you should not redirect C:\Windows\Installer. 2018-Jan-03 Stein Åsmul
967 WiX Custom Action - MSI copy itself Stackoverflow MSI, Copy, MSI API, VBScript, Automation, Cache Copying the whole installation database in progress. 2012-Jul-13 Sascha Beaumont
966 Windows Installer Caching Locations (External handler for msiexec MsiSetExternalUI) Stackoverflow MSI, msiexec.exe, Caching, Database Where does Windows Installer and third party tools cache installer files on the system? 2018-Feb-16 Stein Åsmul
965 How to assign path value to Directory in WIX? Stackoverflow AppSearch, Set Property Custom Action, Feature Directory, Immediate Mode Custom Action, Configurable Feature Directory Setting separate, top-level directories. 2000-Jan-01 Stein Åsmul
964 Authoring a single package for Per-User or Per-Machine Installation context in Windows 7 Blog Entry Per-User, Per-Machine, MSI, Single Package Supporting both per-user and per-machine installations. 2009-Sep-02 zhakim
963 Product Identification (ProductCode and UpgradeCode) Advanced Installer Product Code, Upgrade Code, Package Code Product identification centers around a number of core GUIDs. 2018-Nov-19 Advanced Installer
962 More info about how MSI custom actions work behind the scenes Blog Entry Custom Action, MSI, msiexec.exe How custom actions work behind the scenes. Technically 2005-Mar-02 Aaron Stebner
961 Kaspersky: Check URL or File URL Malware Detection, URL Checking for Malware, Anti Malware, Anti Virus, Web Site One site you can try to deal with maleware. Detect, report, etc... 2018-Nov-18 Kaspersky
960 Google: How to deal with an infected web-site URL Malware Detection, URL Checking for Malware, Anti Malware, Anti Virus, Web Site One site you can try to deal with maleware. Detect, report, etc... 2018-Nov-18 Google
959 Google: Report spam, paid links, or malware URL Malware Detection, URL Checking for Malware, Anti Malware, Anti Virus One site you can try to deal with maleware. Detect, report, etc... 2018-Nov-18 Google
958 Avira: Submit Suspicious Files and URLs URL Malware Detection, URL Checking for Malware, Anti Malware, Anti Virus One site you can try to deal with maleware. 2018-Nov-18 Avira
957 Trend Micro: Site Safety Center URL Malware Detection, URL Checking for Malware, Anti Malware, Anti Virus One site you can try to deal with maleware. 2018-Nov-18 Trend Micro
956 Create a .config folder in the user folder Stackoverflow Application Launch, Per-User Files, Per-User Settings, CreateFolder, MSI, Settings Management Use application launch sequence for per-user settings and configurations - for a lot of reasons. Predictability & Reliability. Implementation & Debugging. 2018-Feb-09 Stein Åsmul
955 WiX Toolset PermissionEx Problem - App Does Not Run After Installation Stackoverflow Debug, Debugging, Application Launch Debugging, Check List Launch Problems There are many approaches for debugging application launch problems. This is a pointer answer to many other answers. 2018-Nov-18 Stein Åsmul
954 Msi not waiting for service to completely stop before returning (comment) Stackoverflow Debugging, MSI, Application Launch, Failure to launch What can cause the application to not launch on some computers after installation. 2018-Nov-14 Stein Åsmul
953 Pixels (Turtles all the way down) Fun Turtles,, Pixels It really is turtles all the way down. Famous WiX proverb (and beyond). 2018-Nov-18
952 Schrodinger Fun Schrodinger, Funny, When things are both funny and not funny at the same time. 2018-Nov-18
951 Wix deferred custom action access denied Stackoverflow WiX, Deferred Mode Custom Action, Access Denied, Per User, Application Launch Use application launch rather then setup constructs to change per-user data. 2018-Jun-24 Stein Åsmul
950 Twitter: Jessie Frazelle Twitter Account Twitter Profile Ex-Docker. 2018-Nov-17 Jessie Frazelle
949 MSIX – The Need for a New Application Package Format Blog Entry MSIX, Packaging Format The new MSIX format. 2018-Aug-16 Rory Monaghan
948 Containerizing Desktop Applications with Docker Blog Entry Desktop Applications, Docker, Containerizing Containerizing server apps, desktop apps, etc... 2016-Oct-23 Rory Monaghan
947 Getting Started With Docker Blog Entry Docker, Windows Getting started guide. 2016-Oct-23 Rory Monaghan
946 How to: Install Docker on Windows Blog Entry Docker, Windows Step-by-step installation tutorial. 2016-Oct-17 Rory Monaghan
945 RDP to Ubuntu Blog Entry Ubuntu, RDP Step-by-step description of how to RDP to Ubuntu. 2016-Oct-24 Rory Monaghan
944 Application packaging options for SCCM Blog Entry App-V, Application Virtualization, Sequencing, SCCM SCCM packaging. The options. 2016-Jul-19 Rory Monaghan
943 Guide to creating one Golden Image for Windows 10 Blog Entry App-V, Application Virtualization, Windows 10 Preparing a proper Windows 10 image. 2017-May-25 Rory Monaghan
942 Application Packaging is Dying Blog Entry Application Packaging, AppV, AppX, MSIX, MSI Rory sees application packaging as a dying field. 2017-Dec-31 Rory Monaghan
941 How to: Create an MSIX Package with the MSIX Packaging Tool Blog Entry MSIX, Packaging Tool Primer for MSIX Packaging Tool. 2018-Aug-13 Rory Monaghan
940 Deploying Chrome in an Enterprise Blog Entry Chrome, Deployment, Enterprise Challenges for Chrome deployment. 2018-Jun-06 Rory Monaghan
939 Rory Monaghan's Blogroll Blogger Blogger, Bloggers, MVP, Deployment, Virtualization, Packaging Rory's links to people involved in deployment. 2018-Nov-17 Rory Monaghan
938 Capturing all changes during an application install on Windows Stackoverflow Capture, Application Repackaging, PictureTaker, InstallRite, Scalable Smart Packager CE Tools used to capture installations for repackaging. Legacy and deprecated alike. 2009-Jul-02 Stein Åsmul
937 Github: IsWiX tool to create MSI files Github IsWiX, WiX, MSI, Installer Industrial Strength Windows Installer XML ( IsWiX ). Visual Studio integration. 2000-Jan-01 Chris Painter
936 Inno Setup Tool Setup.exe, Installer, Uninstaller, Deployment Tool Free, open source tool to create legacy (non-MSI) setup.exe installers. 2000-Jan-01 Jordan Russell
935 Github: Inno Setup Source Github Source Code, Inno Setup, Deployment, Installer, Setup.exe The source code for the free and open source toolkit Inno Setup. 2018-Nov-17 Jordan Russell
934 How to create own MSI package with Open Source Software? Stackoverflow WiX, InstallShield, Repackaging, WinInstall LE, AdminStudio, Application Packaging Recording installation and producing an MSI or building an MSI. 2015-Apr-28 Stein Åsmul
933 Different year, Same Problem... Blog Entry Service, Start, Stop, Restart, .NET, ServiceController, SC.exe, MSI, InstallShield, WiX, SeServiceLogonRight SeServiceLogonRight and service startup. 2008-Sep-22 Chris Painter
932 Chris Painter's old blogs on service issues and MSI Blog Entry Service, Start, Stop, Restart, .NET, ServiceController, SC.exe, MSI, InstallShield, WiX Chris Painter's old blogs on service issues and MSI. 2018-Nov-17 Chris Painter
931 How can I restart a windows service programmatically in .NET Stackoverflow Service, Start, Stop, Restart, .NET, ServiceController controlling services via code. 2009-Sep-21 Various
930 Using self-healing to your advantage Blog Entry MSI, Self-Repair, Self-Healing, ActiveSetup, HKCU, Registry, Ed Tippelt Using self-healing to populate HKCU is possible, but there are better ways IMHO. 2002-Jan-01 Ed Tippelt
929 windows Installer - uninstalling previous version when the versions differ in installation policy (per-user, per-machine) Stackoverflow MSI, Uninstall, Per-User, Per-Machine, ALLUSERS, ISSetAllUsers, FindRelatedProducts An InstallShield trick to migrate per-user setups to per-machine. Very hacky. 2012-Sep-06 Stein Åsmul
928 Different Packages are Required for Different Processor Architectures Blog Entry 32-Bit, 64-Bit, Architecture, Processor, MSI, Platform, Bitness Whether you can deliver a multi-architecture MSI is a common question. You need two different packages to support 32-Bit installers. 64-Bit packages can contain 32-Bit components. 2008-Jan-15 Heath Stewart
927 Silent run installer (.exe) with parameters on Windows Stackoverflow Setup.exe, Deployment, Silent Install, Parameters, MSI, Legacy How to deploy a setup.exe and specify all installation parameters. 2018-Nov-14 Stein Åsmul
926 How to create nested folder in AppData Stackoverflow Per-User Data, Folders, ICE64, Ethereum Create folder under AppData and ICE64 and beyond. 2018-Jun-17 Stein Åsmul
925 Embedding dependent .NET assemblies (Jeffrey Richter: Excerpt #2 from CLR via C#, Third Edition) Stackoverflow ILMerge, Embedded Resources, Embedded DLLs, Embedded Assemblies, Single File Deployment 2018-Nov-03 Jeffrey Richter
924 HTML Event Attributes Stackoverflow Global Event Attributes, Window Event Attributes, Form Events, Keyboard Events, Mouse Events, Drag Events, Clipboard Events, Media Events, Misc Events HTML 4 added the ability to let events trigger actions in a browser, like starting a JavaScript when a user clicks on an element. 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
923 What is Full Stack? (Web Developer) Stackoverflow Javascript, jQuery, Angular, Vue, PHP, ASP, Python, Node, SQL, SQLite, MongoDB What is a Full Stack Web Developer when it comes down to it? 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
922 File System Redirector Microsoft Docs File System Redirector, 32-Bit, 64-Bit, SysWOW64, System32, Bitness %windir%\System32 is for 64-bit applications on 64-bit Windows. WOW64 hides the equivalent 32-bit directory by using a file system redirector. 2018-May-31 Microsoft Docs
921 Wildcard string comparison in Javascript Stackoverflow wildcard, Javascript, String, Matching, Search Implementing * wildcard support for strings in Javascript 2015-Sep-04 Spen
920 Web Development Roadmaps W3Schools Web, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrapper, React, Angular, etc... Web Development and how to approach it. 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
919 JavaScript and HTML DOM Reference W3Schools Javascript, Reference JavaScript reference documentation. 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
918 JavaScript String Reference W3Schools String: Properties, Methods, Etc... A quick string reference for JavaScript. 2018-Nov-12 W3Schools
917 Odd 'Program name' when installing signed msi installer Stackoverflow MSI, Strange Program Name, Signing, UAC When unsigned a strange name is shown in the UAC for setups. 2018-Nov-03 Alexey Ivanov
916 MSI Build uninstall- Installed directory not removing Stackoverflow Suite Project, InstallShield, Driver Install, MSI, DIFx, DPInst.exe, WiX Driver Element Running a separate driver installer from within an MSI file. 2018-Mar-10 Stein Åsmul
915 How to detect the change of the package code on updating (Small Update) Stackoverflow Small Update, Upgrade Code, Product Code, Package Code Detecting related, but different existing installations. 2018-Nov-03 Michael Urman
914 How to add publisher in InstallShield 2018 Stackoverflow Digital Signing, InstallShield, 2018, SmartScreen, Root Certificate, Code Signing Certificate, SHA256, EV Code Signing Certificate Setting Publisher for UAC dialog requires digital signing. 2018-Nov-03 Stein Åsmul
913 InstallShield Help File: Digital Signing and Security Flexera InstallShield, Digital Signing and Security Digital Signing and Security from InstallShield's help file. 2018-Jan-01 Flexera
912 11 Things Sysadmins Love to Hear (Not!) Fun Oh no! The things SysAdms have to go through. 2018-Nov-03 Patrick Gebhardt
911 UAC Prompt Product Name (InstallShield Custom Dialogue Installer) Stackoverflow UAC Prompt, Authenticode, Digital Code-Signing Certificate, Code Signing Certificate, SmartScreen, Digital Signing and Security The UAC prompt shows full path to temporary file if MSI file is unsigned. If you Authenticode-sign your .msi package, Windows will show that as the name. Otherwise, you get MSI's temporary copy of it, which has a random name. 2018-Nov-03 Stein Åsmul
910 What's New in Windows Installer 5.0 Microsoft Docs msiexec.exe, Windows Installer, News A description of what is new in the latest Windows Installer 5.0 version. 2018-May-31 Microsoft
909 Installing .msi remotely without powershell? Stackoverflow VbsEdit, VBScript, Samples Installing via VBScript 2014-Nov-12 Stein Åsmul
908 Silent installation of a MSI package Stackoverflow msiexec.exe, MSI, Silent Install, Command Line Silent installation of a MSI package - msiexec.exe command with parameter explanation. 2017-Oct-17 Stein Åsmul
907 WiX Code Is Pretty Blog Entry WiX, XML, Pretty, Neat Not sure what happened to Chris here... :-) 2007-Oct-08 Chris Painter
906 Installation architecture tab is missing from installshield limited edition visual studio 2013 Stackoverflow InstallShield Limited Edition, Missing Tabs The Limited Edition does not feature all tabs. 2018-Nov-07 Michael Urman
905 InstallScript Custom Actions are GOOD Blog Entry Installscript, Custom Actions Old-fashioned Installscript. 2007-Oct-24 Chris Painter
904 A New Approach to Managed Custom Actions Blog Entry Managed Code, Custom Actions, MSI Another ancient blog on managed code. 2006-Mar-08 Chris Painter
903 Managed Code Rocks Blog Entry Managed Code, Custom Actions, MSI Ancient blog on managed code. 2007-Jun-05 Chris Painter
902 InstallShield HelpNet URL InstallShield, Flexera, Help, HelpNet, Online Help Flexera's portal for online help files and content. 2018-Nov-09 Flexera
901 Make changes to registry before installation of a program Stackoverflow SECUREREPAIR, MSI, Installation, Registry Weird installation error. 2018-Nov-02 Stein Åsmul
900 Are Dialogs Optional Now?? Blog Entry Setup.exe, GUI, MSI, Interactive Install Some setups feature no GUI when run interactively. 2007-Apr-12 Chris Painter
899 The Worst Installer I've Ever Seen Blog Entry Anti Pattern, Bad Setup, Problems, Rants A rant about terrible setups. Always fun. 2010-Sep-29 Chris Painter
898 Deployment AntiPatterns Blog Entry Build, Installation, Configuration, Anti Patterns Build ( Core Code and Installer Packages ), Installation and Configuration are NOT the same thing. They are distinct steps in an overall process of deploying an application. 2007-Oct-04 Chris Painter
897 Chris's rant about Repackaging Blog Entry AdminStudio, Microsoft Office 2003, Belly Laugh, Repackaging, Black Art, Microsoft APIs Application Packaging or Repackaging really is a Black Art. Reverse Engineering at times. Far too often. 2004-Dec-14 Chris Painter
896 Life After Windows Installer: Install.NET? (missing MSI features) Blog Entry XML, IIS, GAC, NGEN, COM Interop, Database, INI AppSearch, ACL Permissioning, Drivers, GUI, GPO A lot of features are missing from MSI - that we should have already. Especially writing and updating XML files. 2007-Apr-28 Chris Painter
895 Dealing with very large number of files Blog Entry Dynamically Linked Files, Installshield, WiX, Setups, Setup.exe Large number of file handling can be complex. Keep it simple. 2007-Jun-20 Chris Painter
894 StackOverflow: Removal of Advertised Product Information Blog Entry 2014-Mar-25 Rob Mensching
893 Reflecting on Culture Defined Blog Entry 2015-Apr-15 Rob Mensching
892 In defense of Windows Vista's Restart Manager Blog Entry 2005-Dec-10 Rob Mensching
891 Is there anyway to force InstallShield to stop if a file is not overwritten? Stackoverflow InstallShield, File Overwrite 2018-Nov-03 Michael Urman
890 Burn in the corporate environment Blog Entry Burn, WiX, MSI Burn "-layout" switch. 2010-Sep-07 Rob Mensching
889 A case study for .wixlibs Blog Entry WiX, WiXLib WiXLibs - "precompiled headers"? Object file? 2011-Apr-18 Rob Mensching
888 ARPINSTALLLOCATION and how to set it with the WiX toolset Blog Entry ARPINSTALLLOCATION, Add / Remove, WiX, MSI Setting installation location. 2011-Jan-14 Rob Mensching
887 A first look at changes coming in ASP.NET Core 3.0 URL ASP.NET Core Damian Edwards. 2018-Oct-29 ASP.NET Blog
886 Programming With C#, ASP.NET Core, WPF Github Programming, C#, Course Material, Profiling, WPF, ASP.NET Comprehensive slides from Rainer Stropek's training material. 2018-Nov-03 Rainer Stropek
885 AspNetCoreWorkshop, Slides / BASTA 2017 - CSharp Workshop Github PDF, Course, ASP Course slides. 2018-Nov-03 Rainer Stropek
884 C# Training Course Material Github C#, Programming, .NET Course material. 2018-Nov-03 Rainer Stropek
883 MSiX for Windows 7 URL MSIX, Windows 7 Will there be MSIX support in Windows 7? 2018-Nov-05 Thomas Marcussen
882 How to hide or disable Cancel button in WIX Installer? Stackoverflow MSI, GUI, WiX, Sample, msiexec, MSI API, Custom Action, Hide Cancel Button Hide cancel button in MSI. 2018-Aug-18 Stein Åsmul
881 Splinetech VBS Debugger Tool VBS, VBScript, Debugger, Editor, IDE A VBS Debugger and editor. Looks similar to VbsEdit. 2018-Nov-03 Splinetech
880 MSiXGuru URL 2018-Nov-03 Thomas Marcussen
879 MSiX Packaging – Conversion With CLI Blog Entry MSIX MSIX conversion. 2018-Oct-31 Thomas Marcussen
878 Adding first custom Dialog Box to WIX in VisualStudio environment Stackoverflow WiX, WiX Dialog, Dialog, WiX Procedure, Customize How to customize WiX GUI / WiX Dialogs. 2010-Jan-12 Wim Coenen
877 How to build a minimal WiX installer UI without a license page? Stackoverflow WiX, UI, GUI, Skip Dialogs, Customize Dialogs Skipping a dialog in the WiX GUI. 2009-Feb-27 Adam Tegen
876 SQL Server named instance with Visual Studio 2017 Installer project URL Burn, WiX, SQL Server, Burn Crash Course Links Install SQL Server Pre-requisite via Burn. Burn Crash Course Links 2018-Aug-29 Stein Åsmul
875 WIX Installer not displaying the custom image of WixUI Dialog correctly Stackoverflow WiX, GUI, UI, Dialogs, Burn Sample links for WiX GUI and Burn 2017-Dec-26 Stein Åsmul
874 Vigneshwaran's Github Github Github MVP Vigneshwaran's Github repositories. 2018-Nov-03 Vigneshwaran
873 Github Education Github Students GitHub for high schools, universities, and bootcamps 2018-Nov-03
872 Script Editors, IDEs & Validators Tools Editors, IDE, Syntax Coloring, Debuggers Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages. 2018-Nov-03 Rob van der Woude
871 Docker Introduction (Focus on Azure) Github Azure, Docker Repository with scripts for an introduction of using Docker with VS2015 2018-Jun-11 Rainer Stropek
870 Twitter: The ASP.NET Team Twitter Account ASP.NET, Web Development, Microsoft The *official* account for Microsoft http://ASP.NET. 2018-Nov-03 Microsoft
869 ASP.NET Blog Blogger .NET, Web Development, ASP.NET .NET web development and tools at Microsoft 2018-Nov-03 ASP.NET Blog
868 Rainer Stropek's MVP Profile URL MVP Rainer Stropek's MVP Profile 2018-Nov-03 Rainer Stropek
867 Rainer Stropek's Web Site URL MVP, Web Site. Rainer Stropek's Web Site 2018-Nov-03 Rainer Stropek
866 Rainer Stropek's Team Blog Blogger MVP, Rainer Stropek, Blog, Team Multiple contributors blog on Rainer Stropek's site. 2018-Nov-03 Rainer Stropek
865 Twitter: Rainer Stropek Twitter Account MVP Rainer Stropek's Twitter profile. 2018-Nov-03 Rainer Stropek
864 CustomBurnUI Sample Github Rainer Stropek, Burn, GUI, Sample A basic, but fully functioning custom WiX Burn GUI. 2018-Nov-03 Rainer Stropek
863 Write your own WiX Burn setup GUI application (advanced) Blog Entry WiX, Burn, GUI, Custom Bootstrapper Application Example of how to write a Custom Bootstrapper Application for a WiX bundle. 2012-Sep-28 Bryan P Johnston
862 WIX Installer with modern look and feel Stackoverflow MsiSetExternalUI, Burn, WiX, GUI, Dialogs, Fredriksen, Burn Theme, Burn Setup GUI Application, Custom Burn UI Various custom GUIs for WiX and MSI. Hello WiX Burn on steroids. 2018-Sep-15 Stein Åsmul
861 skullpsg / Wix_installer Github WiX Dialogs, Wix Samples, GUI, Service, User Credentials, MSI GUI, WiX GUI This projects deals with wix_customUi creation,service under user credentials,checking the user is available in that local machine using customAction as well show result based on that customAction. 2018-Nov-03 skullpsg
860 Persisting MSI Properties (WIX UI for multiple target directories) Stackoverflow MSI, Properties, Persist GUI and persisting properties. 2018-Feb-06 Stein Åsmul
859 Rory Monaghan's Github Repositories Github Virtualization, AppV, Citrix, VMWare Microsoft MVP. Citrix CTP. IGEL Insider. VMware EUC Champion & vExpert 2018-Nov-03 Rory Monaghan
858 Rory Monaghan's Blog Blogger Virtualization, AppV, Citrix, VMWare Microsoft MVP. Citrix CTP. IGEL Insider. VMware EUC Champion & vExpert 2018-Nov-03 Rory Monaghan
857 Set SummaryInformation in an msi using PowerShell Stackoverflow Powershell, MSI API, OpenDatabase, Set Property, Get Property, SummaryInformation, Stream How to set and get properties from the Summary Information Stream of an MSI? 2018-Nov-08 BaronW
856 Create MSIX modification packages with Advanced Installer Blog Entry MSIX, Advanced Installer, Modification Package Blog on using Advanced Installer to create MSIX packages. 2018-Oct-26 Matteo Pagani
855 Uninstall is not working for MSI application - Error 1722 Stackoverflow Uninstall, Service, ServiceControl, Start, Stop, Delete, Remove, Batch File Do not use batch files to start and stop services - or do anything else in MSI files for that matter. Not reliable. 2018-Nov-03 Stein Åsmul
854 Checking the correctness of a WiX syntax Stackoverflow Sequencing, Custom Actions, Conditions, Avoid Custom Actions, Sequencing, Unexpected Running When to not use custom actions. Conditions. In what installation mode the custom action runs and not. 2018-Aug-16 Stein Åsmul
853 Bogdan Mitrache's Github Github Github, Bogdan Mitrache, Advanced Installer Github repositories for Bogdan Mitrache of Advanced Installer. 2018-Nov-03 Bogdan Mitrache
852 Quick summary MSI Uninstall (Customize msiexec progress bar?) Stackoverflow Uninstall, Summary, msiexec.exe Uninstall command lines and options in a quick summary answer. 2018-Sep-30 Stein Åsmul
851 The Visual Studio Blog Blogger Visual Studio, Blog The Visual Studio Blog 2018-Nov-03 Visual Studio Blog
850 Troubleshooting Setup and Deployment Projects MSDN Visual Studio Installer Projects, MSI, Visual Studio, Troubleshooting, Common Problems The Visual Studio Installer Projects have many limitations. This is an old summary. 2018-Nov-03 MSDN
849 Helge Klein's Github Github Deployment Expert, Developer Helge Klein's github repositories. 2018-Nov-03 Helge Klein
848 Helge Klein's Web Site URL Deployment Expert, Developer, Blog, Blogger Helge Klein's web site dedicated to deployment. 2018-Nov-03 Helge Klein
847 Twitter: Helge Klein Twitter Account Deployment Expert, Developer, Twitter Helge Klein's Twitter profile. 2018-Nov-03 Helge Klein
846 Helge’s Profile Toolkit Blog Entry User Profiles, Problems, Resolutions, Concepts How to tame Windows profiles. 2011-May-09 Helge Klein
845 Twitter: Mikko Hypponen Twitter Account Security Expert, Twitter, Finnish Mikko Hypponen: CRO at F-Secure. 2018-Nov-03 Mikko Hypponen
844 About User Profiles MSDN Local User Profiles, Roaming User Profiles, Mandatory User Profiles, Temporary User Profiles Different types of user profiles. 2018-Nov-03 MSDN
843 Microsoft / ProcDump-for-Linux Github ProcDump, Linux, Microsoft Linux reimagining of the ProcDump tool from Sysinternals. For Linux developers to create core dumps of their application based on performance triggers. 2018-Nov-03 Microsoft Github
842 How Do I Read a Windows Installer Verbose Log File? Advanced Installer Msiexec.exe, Log File, Installation, Uninstallation, Windows Installer, MSI How to interpret a Windows Installer log. 2018-Nov-03 Advanced Installer
841 How to write a specific event in the log Advanced Installer Msiexec.exe, Log File, Installation, Uninstallation, Windows Installer, MSI How to write to a Windows Installer log. 2018-Nov-03 Advanced Installer
840 How do I create an installation log? Advanced Installer Msiexec.exe, Log File, Installation, Uninstallation, Windows Installer, MSI How to create a log file of a Windows Installer operation - of various types. From Advanced Installer - commercial deployment tool. 2018-Nov-03 Advanced Installer
839 Unicode characters that increase in byte length when lowercased. Tweet Unicode, Bit Length, Lowercase, Uppercase Unicode characters that increase in byte length when lowercased. 2018-Nov-03 Mikko Hypponen
838 minimaxir / big-list-of-naughty-strings Github Strings, Big List of Naughty Strings Strings are naughty indeed. 2018-Nov-03 Max Woolf
837 .NET API Catalog Reference .NET API Catalog .NET API Catalog 2018-Nov-03
836 Creating a Build Definition That Supports Deployment MSDN TFS, Build, Project, Build Definition Creating a Build Definition That Supports Deployment 2012-May-04 Microsoft Docs
835 InstallShield 2018 Edition Feature Comparison Flexera Premier, Professional, Express, InstallShield, Flexera, Editions What features are included in what InstallShield editions? 2018-Nov-03 Flexera
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833 .NET Blog (.NET Engineering Teams) Blogger Multiple Bloggers, Team Blog, .NET, Engineering A first-hand look from the .NET engineering teams. 2018-Nov-03 Microsoft
832 Managed Code Custom Action Sample (How to Manage?) FireGiant Custom Action, Managed Code, Sample Code Quick sample on how to write managed code custom actions. 2018-Nov-03 FireGiant
831 Shell Shortcuts in Windows OS Superuser Shell Shortcuts, Windows, Shell Opening special folders in Windows via the Shell. 2018-Nov-03
830 CMD.exe CMD.exe, Command, Shell, Interpreter Start a new CMD shell and (optionally) run a command/executable program. 2018-Nov-03
829 Explorer.exe Explorer.exe, Switches, Parameters, Windows Explorer Command-line switches that you can use to open the GUI Windows Explorer (Explorer.exe). 2018-Nov-03
828 Windows Key Shortcuts Windows Key, Shortcuts Windows key combination keystrokes. 2018-Nov-03
827 Shell: folder shortcuts Shell, Folders, ShellFolders, ShellFolderShortcut Open shell folders from the command line or command window. 2018-Nov-03
826 The shift key overrides NumLock Blog Entry Shift, NumLock, Keys, Arrow Holding down Shift overrides NumLock. 2004-Sep-06 Raymond Chen
825 RunDLL32.exe DLL Function Call, DLL, RunDll32.exe Run a 32 bit DLL function. This command is available on all version of Windows from Win95 onwards, but only runs in 32 bit mode. 2018-Nov-03
824 Twitter: Deployment (By Stein Åsmul) Twitter List Twitter, List A Twitter list of installation professionals. 2018-Nov-03 Stein Åsmul
823 Twitter: Installation-Pals (By Robert Dickau) Twitter List Twitter, List A Twitter list of installation professionals. 2018-Nov-03 Robert Dickau
822 LOGOFF.exe Logoff.exe Command. NT 2018-Nov-03
821 How do I compare two folders recursively and generate a list of files and folders that are different? Superuser RoboCopy.exe, Batch, Folder Syncronization, Folder Copy, File Copy Practical sample of RoboCopy.exe use. 2018-Nov-03 Andrew Cheong
820 Switches That You Can Use with Xcopy and Xcopy32 Commands Microsoft Support Xcopy, Xcopy32, Switches, Parameters Details on how to use xcopy. 2018-Nov-03 Microsoft Support
819 RoboCopy.exe File Copy, Folder Copy, XCopy, Robocopy Robust File and Folder Copy. Replaces xcopy.exe. By default Robocopy will only copy a file if the source and destination have different time stamps or different file sizes. 2018-Nov-03
818 XCopy.exe XCopy Command, Copy Files, Copy Directories, Deprecated Copy files and/or directory trees to another folder. Xcopy has been deprecated in favor of Robocopy. See element 819. 2018-Nov-03
817 Tools to make installers (Batch file giving invalid path error while creating an installer) Stackoverflow Advanced Installer, WiX, InstallShield, dotNetInstaller, Inno, NSIS Tools for deployment to replace batch files. 2018-Nov-03 Stein Åsmul
816 Error Creating a 7-zip installer package Stackoverflow 7-Zip, Error, Deployment, MSI, Unsupported Compression, Missing Runtime Dependency, iExpress, Advanced Installer, WiX, InstallShield, dotNetInstaller, Inno, NSIS Tools to create packages. 2018-Aug-09 Stein Åsmul
815 How to create a MSI file which simply copies a directory to Program Files? Stackoverflow Deployment Tools, Files, Deploy, Setup, MSI Simple file deployment. 2018-Aug-28 Stein Åsmul
814 Combine exe and msi file in one installer Stackoverflow EXE, MSI, Installer, Batch Various ways to deploy files. 2018-Sep-01 Stein Åsmul
813 "Making your own deployment tool" (Creating a Windows installer using C# Winforms instead of Installer tool) Stackoverflow MSI, SCCM, Deployment, Files, Batch, Roll Your Own, The perils of trying to "roll your own" deployment tool. Use an established one 2018-Apr-18 Stein Åsmul
812 Twitter: Rachel Andrew Twitter Account CSS, HTML, XML, Web Sites, Design, Grid HTML, CSS Expert. MVP. 2018-Nov-03 Rachel Andrew
811 Nick Cave - Communication Dream Feeling Blog Entry Nick Cave, Blog Nick Cave writes about loss and grief. 2018-Oct-01 Nick Cave
810 URL System Tools, Active Directory, Server, Workstation, Service, Job and Task Scheduling, ETc... Solutions to Simplify Active Directory Management. 2018-Nov-03
809 URL MVP, MVPS, Scripting, Portals, Resources Interesting offerings being provided for you by a few folks associated with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program. 2018-Nov-03
808 - scripting pages URL VBScript, Batch, JScript, KiXtart, Perl, PowerShell, Rexx, C#, Scripting, Debugging Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages 2018-Nov-03 Rob van der Woude
807 URL Scripting, Windows, A site about scripting for Windows, maintained by Alex Angelopoulos (aka at mvps dot org) 2018-Nov-03
806 Terminal Server Commands URL Terminal Server, CHANGE, Commands, ACINIUPD, LOGOFF, QUERY, TSCMD Commands available on Terminal Server workstations and servers. 2016-Sep-19 Rob van der Woude
805 CHANGE CHANGE, Terminal Server Change Terminal Server Session properties, use when installing software on a terminal server. 2018-Nov-03
804 What is the security context when deploying application using SCCM 2012? Microsoft Technet SCCM, Context, System, User, Deployment, 2012 Deployment context / impersonation in SCCM. 2012-Nov-30 Ronni Pedersen
803 How to push MSI with parameter using SCCM server Stackoverflow SCCM, msiexec.exe, Parameters, SecureCustomProperties, Properties, Transforms Deploying via SCCM. 2017-Dec-12 Stein Åsmul
802 How to tag or customize the a binary (for example of an installer) Stackoverflow PUBLIC PROPERTIES, msiexec.exe, OEM, Post Process MSI, Customize MSI, Transforms, Command Line Customize an MSI for different customers. 2018-Mar-31 Stein Åsmul
801 ERRORLEVEL is not %ERRORLEVEL% Blog Entry ERRORLEVEL, %ERRORLEVEL%, If, cmd.exe, batch Some information on batch file ERRORLEVEL and %ERRORLEVEL%. 2008-Sep-26 Raymond Chen
800 Majorupgrade or Upgrade ID which is preferred for Major upgrade? Stackoverflow Major Upgrade, Upgrade Element The MajorUpgrade element now allows an easier way to implement upgrades. See records 799 and 463. 2012-Jun-14 Wim Coenen
799 How to implement WiX installer upgrade? Stackoverflow Major Upgrade, Upgrade Element The MajorUpgrade element now allows an easier way to implement upgrades, this is the legacy way - which is more flexible and can still be used. See records 800 and 463, and also the accepted answer in this topic. 2018-Nov-03 Rob Mensching
798 How can I set the WiX installer version to the current build version? Stackoverflow Bind, File Version, Product Version Product/@Version="!(bind.FileVersion.FileId)" 2009-Mar-13 Rob Mensching
797 Why does my WiX installer need an empty CreateFolder to conditionally update an Xml file? Stackoverflow CreateFolder, Self-Repair, Cyclical Self-Repair, Key Path The mandatory CreateFolder element has a critical function: it prevents cyclical self-repair in very special circumstances. 2012-Sep-03 Bob Arnson
796 WIX Autogenerate GUID *? Stackoverflow Component GUIDs, AutoGuids, Reference Counting, Component Rules WiX can handle component GUIDs auto-magically. 2011-Apr-29 Bob Arnson
795 TMurgent Technologies, LLP URL AppV, MSIX, PowerShell, Silent Deployment MVP Tim Mangan's site. 2018-Nov-03 Tim Mangan
794 Announcing PassiveInstall Blog Entry PowerShell Automation, Passive, Silent, AppV5, Sequencing, Tools, Training A PowerShell Automation Framework for Application Packaging with Passive/Silent Installations. 2018-Nov-03 Tim Mangan
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790 CSS Grid – Table layout is back. Be there and be square Blog Entry Flexbox, Grid, Layout, Design, HTML, CSS An aging blog on the new-ish CSS Grid. 2017-Jan-01 Surma
789 InstallShield Suite Updates – Get Your Customers on the Latest Version InstallShield InstallShield Suite, InstallShield, Latest Version, Updates InstallShield Suite projects can now implement auto-update features. 2018-Nov-03 Flexera
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787 ASP and ASP.NET Tutorials Classic ASP, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Pages, ASP.NET API, ASP.NET Core ASP and ASP.NET are server side technologies that enable computer code to be executed by an Internet server. 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
786 HTML - Unicode (UTF-8) Reference Symbols, Icons Some symbol values for HTML. 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
785 HTML - UTF-8 Miscellaneous Symbols Symbols, Icons Some symbol values for HTML. 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
784 HTML - Symbols Mathematical Symbols, Greek Letters, Other Entities Some symbol values for HTML. 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
783 CSS Layout - The display Property CSS, Display Property, Div, Span, Layout, Page Display, None, Inline, Block, Flex, Grid, Contents, Table The crucial display property in CSS for the display of web pages. 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
782 CSS Layout - The position Property CSS, Position Property, Div, Span, Layout, Page Display The crucial position property in CSS for the display of web pages. 2018-Nov-03 W3Schools
781 ASP.NET 5 is dead - Introducing ASP.NET Core 1.0 and .NET Core 1.0 Blog Entry 2016-Jan-19 Scott Hanselman
780 The Sopranos - Carmela visits a therapist URL Sopranos, Crime, Consequences "One thing you can never say, that you haven't been told." 2013-Nov-18 YouTube
779 SS64 Password Generator, Password Generator, Strong Password, Online A password generator that can be used to generate strong online passwords. There are several flavors of the tool, click the top buttons for different number of password characters. 2018-Nov-03
778 Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah URL Hallelujah In memory of Leonard Cohen. "There's a blaze of light in every word". "It is lonely here, there is no one left to torture". 2018-Nov-03 Leonard Cohen
777 2018 Peace Price: Nadia Murad, Denis Mukwege URL Nadia Murad, Denis Mukwege, Finally Prize motivation: "for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict." 2018-Nov-03
776 Neil Young - Roger And Out URL War, Death, Loss, Sacrifice "To absent friends in memory still bright". 2018-Nov-03 Neil Young
775 Windows CMD Shell Command Line Syntax Batch, Commands, Syntax Portal page for lots of CMD information. 2018-Nov-02
774 Windows on Github Github Samples, Microsoft, Windows, Github A selection of various forms of samples on Github. 2018-Nov-03 Microsoft Github
773 Controlling Your Environment Makes You Happy Blog Entry Joel da Baker, Giant Knife, Dough, Production Line, Bread Joel's war story from the trenches of bread production. 2000-Apr-10 Joel Spolsky
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771 Fire And Motion Blog Entry Flow, Distractions, Procrastination, Fire and Motion, Joel talks about flow, distractions and Microsoft's fire and motion strategy to keep people and companies busy and harmless against them. 2002-Jan-06 Joel Spolsky
770 The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code Blog Entry Source Control, Build Automation, Daily Build Process, Bug Database, Schedule, Spec, Working Environment, Tools, QA Joal lists a number of important aspects of successful software company operation. 2000-Aug-09 Joel Spolsky
769 The Law of Leaky Abstractions Blog Entry Abstractions, Leaking, Leaky Abstractions, Design, Classes, Objects, Data Structures, TCP/IP Joel educates us on leaking abstractions - imperfect abstractions that break down - which plague the software business. 2002-Nov-11 Joel Spolsky
768 Abbr: Unicode and Character Sets Must Know (No Excuses!) Blog Entry Unicode, Characters, No Excuses The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) 2003-Oct-08 Joel Spolsky
767 Links to CSS Websites and Books Book CSS, HTML, Reference Links to a number of CSS websites and books. 2018-Nov-03
766 CSS Reference - Cascading Style Sheets - A-Z CSS, HTML, Reference A condensed CSS reference focusing on the properties that are supported by the major web browsers. 2018-Nov-03
765 Polyfill Wikipedia Polyfill, Legacy Browser In web development, a polyfill is code that implements a feature on web browsers that do not support the feature. 2018-Nov-02 Wikipedia
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763 GNU Coreutils URL GNU, Utilities, Core Coreutils GNU. 2018-Nov-03 GNU
762 MakeCab.exe CAB, Compressed, Cabinet Create compressed .CAB file. A .CAB Cabinet file is a Lossless Data Compression format. 2018-Nov-02
761 Windows Locale ID Table Windows Locale ID Table, Locale description Windows Locale ID Table 2018-Nov-02
760 VbsEdit - VBScript Sample Gallery VbsEdit VbsEdit, VBScript, Samples, Gallery A whole online sample library for VBScripts. VbsEdit is a commercial VBScript editor. Highly recommended. 2018-Nov-02 Aders?ft
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753 AppManagEvent 2018 session: The Future of Applications URL MSIX, AppV, Presentation Presentation by Tim Mangan about MSIX, AppV and beyond. 2018-Oct-29 Tim Mangan
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750 How To Run a PowerShell Script GUI, Shortcut, Dot Sourcing, CMD Batch, There are many ways to run a PowerShell script. 2018-Nov-02
749 Advanced Installer - Using the Auto Updater Advanced Installer Updater, Downloader, Auto-Update Quick run-down of how to use the Advanced Installer auto-update feature. 2018-Nov-02 Advanced Installer
748 Advanced Installer - Auto Updater Advanced Installer Updater, Downloader, Auto-Update Tool to check for updates and install them using a predefined rule. Saves all the bugs you will introduce by making such a feature yourself. 2018-Nov-02 Advanced Installer
747 Using C++ DLL in Installscript Custom Action Stackoverflow C++, DLL, Custom Action, Installscript, 1603, WINAPI, stdcall, __stdcall, cdecl, calling convention, c++ function declarations How to use a C++ dll from Installscript. 2018-Nov-02 Michael Urman
746 C# Debug folder when copied to another location does not run the exe Stackoverflow Manifest file, procmon.exe, Dependencies Diagnosing launch problems. 2018-Jan-03 Stein Åsmul
745 Best Practices for Assembly Loading URL Load contexts, Default Load Context, Load-From Context, No Context, Assembly loading and binding. 2017-Mar-30 Microsoft Docs
744 How the Runtime Locates Assemblies URL Binding, Publisher policy file, Application configuration file, Machine configuration file, GAC, Assembly Binding Log Viewer (Fuslogvw.exe), Probing Assembly binding is not a trivial affair. 2017-Mar-30 Microsoft Docs
743 How to use the Regsvr32 tool and troubleshoot Regsvr32 error messages Microsoft Support regsvr32.exe, Debug Problems, Elevated command prompt, Bitness Debug problems using regsvr32.exe for COM self-registration. 2018-Nov-02 Microsoft Support
742 URL VBScript, JavaScript, JScript 2018-Nov-02 Aders?ft
741 Kaspersky: Forum Forum, Discussion, Malware Suite, Anti-Virus Discussion forum for Kaspersky security software. 2018-Nov-02 Kaspersky
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739 C# Concepts: Value vs Reference Types URL Value Type, Reference Type, By Value, By Reference On the difference between reference and value types. 2018-Nov-02 Joseph Albahari
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735 Debug Desktop Bridge Apps with Advanced Installer Advanced Installer Debug, Debugging, UWP Debug your desktop application inside an UWP app container (Desktop Bridge) using the Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 extension from Advanced Installer Professional edition, or higher. 2017-May-05 Bogdan Mitrache
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733 Websites, Resource Kits, Books and Utilities Websites, Resource Kits, Books and Utilities Excellent site has a page describing books, utilities and similar. 2018-Nov-02
732 Disk Partition Alignment Best Practices for SQL Server URL Disc Partition Alignment, Best Practice, SQL Server Not maintained documentation as of 2018. Jimmy May, Denny Lee 2018-Nov-02 Microsoft
731 CMD - Categorized commands URL CMD, Commands, Windows NT A categorized list of Windows CMD commands 2018-Nov-02
730 Ten LINQ Myths Article LINQ, Myth, .NET LINQ myths investigated. 2018-Nov-02 Joseph Albahari
729 Threading in C# URL Thread, Threading, .NET, C# Multi-threading 101. 2018-Nov-02 Joseph Albahari
728 Introduction to Advanced Installer Advanced Installer Advanced Installer, MSI, MSIX, AppV, AppX, Setup.exe The leading deployment tool Advanced Installer. 2018-Nov-02 Advanced Installer
727 URL LinqPad, QueryExpress 2018-Nov-02 Joseph Albahari
726 LinqPad - Instantly test any C#/F#/VB snippet or program Tool The .NET Programmer’s Playground. 2018-Nov-02
725 Log Parser 2.2 Tool Log Parser, Log, Logging Universal log parser tool. 2018-Nov-02 Microsoft
724 Forum Forum, Discussion,, Discussion forum for 2018-Nov-02
723 SQL Server - Query Express (free, light-weight, single-file tool) Tool Query Analyzer look-alike, Small, Free Query Express is a simple Query Analyzer look-alike, but being small and free it can be run where the SQL Server client tools are not installed or licensed. 2018-Nov-02 Joseph Albahari
722 SQL Server - SQL Server websites and books SQL Server, T-SQL, Books A collection of book links and other links for SQL Server. 2018-Nov-02
721 SQL Server - SQL Server Syntax 2018-Nov-02
720 CMD - Run with elevated permissions CMD, Elevation, Admin Rights, Elevated Permissions Launching batch files with elevation. 2018-Nov-02
719 Flexera Videos URL InstallShield, Flexera, Videos Video channel of Flexera, makers of InstallShield and AdminStudio. 2018-Nov-02 Flexera
718 WiX DTF Mystery Solved Blog Entry Deployment Engineering, WiX, DTF, Mystery Solved SFXCA: Failed to create new CA process via RUNDLL32. 2018-Oct-30 Chris Painter
717 Silently Installing .NET Framework: Legal??? Blog Entry Deployment Engineering, Silently Installing Framework How-to go about .NET Prerequisite requirements. 2018-Oct-30 Chris Painter
716 RFC: SQL Scripts Are Almost Declared Evil Blog Entry Deployment Engineering, RFC SQL Scripts Almost Declared Evil, Festivus Grievances, Informix, SQL Server configurations Painter Postulate: Database dependency injections in setup are evil. 2018-Oct-30 Chris Painter
715 Multiple Instance MSI's and InstallShield 12 Blog Entry Installshield, Multi-Instance, MSI, MSINEWINSTANCE, Deployment Engineering, Multiple Instance MSI, InstallShield 12, Multi-Instance MSI does not handle multi-instance installation scenarios well. 2018-Oct-30 Chris Painter
714 Dynamic Windows Installer UI Blog Entry Deployment Engineering, Dynamic Windows Installer UI, Temporary MSI Rows, DTF Controlling GUI via code. 2018-Oct-30 Chris Painter
713 Back To Basics - Installation Principles Blog Entry Deployment Engineering, Basics Installation Principles,Packaging An excellent little rant on the basic installation principles. Good one Chris. 2018-Oct-30 Chris Painter
712 WiX Burn - tips/tricks Blog Entry Neil Sleightholm, Blog, WiX, Burn, UpgradeCode Good tips for dealing with setup.exe WiX Bundles. 2018-Oct-30 Neil Sleightholm
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707 MSI Installing twice rather than upgrading with the same UpgradeCode Stackoverflow Upgrade Code, MSI, Major Upgrade Major upgrade leaves two installed versions. 2018-Nov-02 Stein Åsmul
706 Twitter: Scott Guthrie Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Nov-01 Scott Guthrie
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704 Windows Installer Development Tools MSDN Orca.exe, Wilogutl.exe, PATCHWIZ.DLL, Msival2.exe, Msizap.exe, Msitran.exe, Msitool.mak, Msistuff.exe, Msimsp.exe, Msimerg.exe, Msiinfo.exe, Msifiler.exe, Msidb.exe, Msicert.exe, Instmsi.exe Windows Installer Development Tools 2018-Nov-01 Microsoft Docs
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678 UAC Elevation Behavior Differences Between Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Stackoverflow UAC, Elevation, Windows 7, Windows 10 Some differences in how the UAC works on Windows 7 versus Windows 10. 2015-Oct-24 magicandre1981
677 Create folder and file on Current user profile, from Admin Profile Stackoverflow Deployment of Per-User Files, Per-Machine Template, ActiveSetup, Self-Repair, Database, Internal Defaults, Cloud, Download Dealing with per-user settings and data files has never been easy. 2018-Jan-10 Stein Åsmul
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674 Don’t use managed code to write your custom actions! Blog Entry Managed Code Custom Actions, MSI, WiX, .NET, Managed Code, Custom Actions On the topic of managed code custom action problems. Managed code custom actions have many pitfalls. 2005-Mar-10 Aaron Stebner
673 Link to more details about the dangers of managed code custom actions in an MSI Blog Entry Managed Code Custom Actions, MSI, WiX On the topic of managed code custom action problems. 2007-Apr-20 Aaron Stebner
672 Sysinternals Utilities Index Stackoverflow Process Monitor, Dependency Scanner, AutoStart, Process Explorer, Etc... Overview / index page with brief descriptions of each tool from SysInternals. 2018-Nov-01 Microsoft Docs
671 Sysinternals Suite Download Stackoverflow Process Monitor, Dependency Scanner, AutoStart, Process Explorer, Etc... Landing page with links to all the little SysInternals tools and also a download of the full suite. 2018-Nov-01 Microsoft Docs
670 Why is it a good idea to limit the use of custom actions in my WiX / MSI setups? Stackoverflow Custom Actions, WiX, MSI, InstallShield, Custom Action Problems, Challenges There are many reasons why you should avoid custom actions. 2017-Sep-12 Stein Åsmul
669 Code Access Security Stackoverflow Caspol.exe, Code Access Security The Code Access Security system has been deprecated in .NET framework 4.0. 2018-Nov-01 Wikipedia
668 MSI Install on Terminal Server - getting error Custom Action Server rejected - Wrong Context Stackoverflow Terminal Server, Custom Actions, Impersonation, Self-Repair Lockdown, Terminal Server Aware Custom Actions Terminal server packaging has unique challenges. 2018-Oct-31 Stein Åsmul
667 Simple WiX Custom Action in Custom UI Ends Prematurely with Windows 7 Stackoverflow CustomAction.config, Custom Action, Target .NET Version, Properties Targeting the right .NET version. 2018-May-09 Stein Åsmul
666 1984 Horror Big Brother, New Speak, Ministry of Love and Understanding The master class society? 2018-Nov-01 Wikipedia
665 The InstallExecuteSequence table contains an action 'RemoveExistingProducts' that is declared in two different locations Stackoverflow InstallExecuteSequence, RemoveExistingProducts, Major Upgrades Duplicate RemoveExistingProducts actions in InstallExecuteSequence. 2014-Aug-25 Stein Åsmul
664 WiX: How do I show the EULA agreement UI during an upgrade? Stackoverflow WiX, MSI, GUI, Major Upgrade How to show an upgrade warning for major upgrades? 2018-Oct-29 Stein Åsmul
663 VBScript (and Jscript) MSI CustomActions suck Blog Entry Custom Actions, VBScript, JavaScript, MSI, Problems Rob Mensching is not fond of Active Scripting custom actions. 2004-May-20 Rob Mensching
662 User Account Control Wikipedia UAC, Permissions, Elevation, Privilege, Admin Rights The UAC is an important part of new Windows versions, and it works in mysterious ways. 2018-Nov-01 Wikipedia
661 Setup cannot set correct folder permission for %ProgramData%\MyFirm\MyApp on WinServer2012+. Stackoverflow Logging, ACL, Permissions, Privilege, NT Privilege Why does the permissioning not appear to be correct on all OSs? 2018-Nov-01 Stein Åsmul
660 Comparison of programming languages Stackoverflow Comparison, Programming Languages Wikipedia article comparing programming languages. 2018-Nov-01 Wikipedia
659 Wix Tools update uses old custom actions Stackoverflow Custom Actions, Conditions, Major Upgrade, Testing Conditions, File Deployment Strategy. Testing complex custom action conditions and discussing ways to avoid such complexity. 2017-Dec-22 Stein Åsmul
658 Yan Sklyarenko's Blog Blogger WiX, MSI, WPF Yan Sklyarnko's blog on WiX, WPF and other topics. 2018-Nov-01 Yan Sklyarenko
657 Error 4: SELECT `Message` FROM `Error` WHERE `Error` = 1707 (also 1709) Stackoverflow WiX, MSI, Error Debugging MSI errors. 2014-Aug-21 Nicolas Raoul
656 How to debug an MSI Custom Action that is implemented in Javascript? Stackoverflow JavaScript, JScript, Custom Action, Debug, Debugging How to debug an MSI Custom Action that is implemented in Javascript? 2009-Nov-23 Cheeso
655 Active Scripting Stackoverflow Active Scripting, VBScript, JScript, JavaScript Just a link to Wikipedia on Active Scription. Handy reminder. 2018-Nov-22 Wikipedia
654 The first thing I do with an MSI log Blog Entry MSI, Log, msiexec.exe The simple and quick way to scan an MSI log file for error messages. 2010-Aug-02 Rob Mensching
653 You receive an "error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation" error message when you try to install a Windows Installer package Microsoft Support 1603, Fatal Error, Debugging Debugging a 1603 error message. 2018-May-21 Microsoft Support
652 Windows Installer fails on Win 10 but not Win 7 using WIX Stackoverflow Crazytalk, Excessive Musings, Managed Code Custom Actions, PowerShell, C++ An out-of-control discussion of types of custom actions and runtime requirements and problems. Native code, Managed code, PowerShell, etc... 2017-Sep-05 Stein Åsmul
651 Managed Code CustomActions, no support on the way and here's why Blog Entry Managed Code Custom Actions, Problems, Unsupported, Technical Challenges Managed code custom actions are problematic. 2007-Apr-19 Rob Mensching
650 Troubleshooting Exceptions: System.BadImageFormatException MSDN System.BadImageFormatException, Win32, AnyCPU, Bitness, 32-bit, 64.bit, Platform, PEVerify A BadImageFormatException exception is thrown when the file image of a DLL or executable program is not valid. 2018-Nov-01 Microsoft
649 How to edit a MST file using PowerShell ITNinja MST, PowerShell, Edit How to edit a MST file using PowerShell 2012-Nov-28
648 Application Virtualization - App-V - explained short and sweet Advanced Installer AppV, App-V, Virtualization, Advanced Installer, Sandbox, Isolation Application virtualization virtualizes applications to run in a sandbox, rather than vitualizing the whole operating system. 2018-Nov-01 Advanced Installer
647 How to prevent .msi file extraction? Stackoverflow MSI, WPF, Extraction, setup.exe Can file extraction be prevent from MSI files? And how is extraction performed? 2018-Nov-01 Stein Åsmul
646 Advanced Installer FAQs Advanced Installer Bootstrapper, Custom Action, Errors, UI, Upgrade, Advanced Installer, LaunchConditions, Prerequisites, Files and Folders, Java, SQL, Digital Signatures, Analytics, AppX, UWP, Miscellaneous The main FAQ landing page for Advanced Installer. Access FAQs of varius kinds for their products. 2018-Nov-01 Advanced Installer
645 How can I compare the content of two (or more) MSI files? Serverfault setup.exe, MSI, WiX, Extract, Compare MSI Files, dark.exe, InstallShield, Wise, Advanced Installer Compare the content of MSI files. Written for system administrators. See entry 75 for the same information written for developers. 2018-Feb-11 Stein Åsmul
644 Advanced Installer - EXE setup file Advanced Installer Advanced Installer, setup.exe Help documentation on how to handle Advanced Installer-generated setup.exe files. 2018-Nov-01 Advanced Installer
643 How can I use powershell to run through an installer? Stackoverflow Windows Installer PowerShell Module, PowerShell, Install, msiexec.exe, setup.exe How to install software with PowerShell. 2017-Sep-14 Stein Åsmul
642 Install software using command prompt start command with target directory Stackoverflow Setup.exe, MSI, Install Installing a setup.exe. Prefer other entries - this one is here for completeness. 2018-Jan-15 Stein Åsmul
641 Wise setup.exe switches Stackoverflow Setup.exe, Parameters, Switches How to deal with an old Wise-built setup. Many legacy setups are still packaged with Wise, even if Wise has been off market for some times now. 2018-Nov-01 Bob Kelly
640 Powershell - Installing MSI files Github PowerShell, MSI, Install Installing MSI files via PowerShell. Also search for "Heath Stewart" for his PowerShell github modules repository. 2016-Oct-21 Kevin Marquette
639 MSDN msiexec.exe command line MSDN msiexec.exe, Command Line, Install, Uninstall, Parameters, Switches The msiexec.exe command line is legendary for its quirkiness and complexity. 2018-Nov-01 Microsoft Docs
638 Advanced Installer's summary of the msiexec.exe command line Advanced Installer msiexec.exe 2018-Nov-01 Advanced Installer
637 Uninstall and Install App on my Computer silently Stackoverflow Silent Install, Silent Uninstall, MSI, Unattended, Setup.exe, WiX, MSIX, UWP Silent uninstall of various kinds. 2018-Apr-01 Stein Åsmul
636 InstallShield Setup.exe Command-Line Parameters in PDF format Article PDF, Setup.exe, Command Line Parameters, Installation, Install An aging overview of command line parameters for InstallShield setups, with samples. Not finished towards the end it seems. Note sure of origin data, adding with today's date. 2018-Nov-01 Bob Kelly
635 InstallShield, different types of projects, setup.exe flavors and Suite projects Stackoverflow Suite Project, Setup.exe, InstallShield, Project Types, Basic, Installscript, MSI, Silent How to deal with different types of InstallShield projects, and the setup.exe setups that they create. 2018-Feb-27 Stein Åsmul
634 Uninstalling an InstallShield Installscript MSI program using C# silently Stackoverflow SMS, Silent Install, MSI, InstallShield Command line to uninstall an InstallShield Installscript MSI program using C# silently. 2018-Aug-16 Stein Åsmul
633 Tool Silent Install, Unattended Install, Repackaging, AutoIt Aging but OK site on various forms of silent deployment. 2018-Nov-01 Unattended
632 Create MSI from extracted setup files Stackoverflow WiX, MSI, File Extraction, Repackaging, Admin Image, InstallShield, Wise, Suite, Silent Installation, Setup.exe A de-tour through repackaging, file extraction, silent running, silent install, etc... An odd piece that grew into something strange over time. Also see second answer in "thread". 2018-Aug-21 Stein Åsmul
631 IsWiX - Chris Painter's WiX front end URL WiX, MSI, Tools WiX front end tool for WiX markup generation. Open source: IsWiX 2018-Nov-01 Chris Painter
630 How to create install for window service in visual studio Stackoverflow WiX, Service, Install, Uninstall, Problems With Visual Studio Installer Projects WiX sample for installing services. 2018-Nov-01 Stein Åsmul
629 Github: IsWiX tutorials Github WiX, Service, Install, Uninstall WiX sample for installing services. 2017-Aug-11 Chris Painter
628 Github - How to create a Windows Service with WiX Github WiX, Service, Install, Uninstall WiX sample for installing services. 2013-May-21 Robs79
627 Is it possible to safely remove ScheduleReboot from msi? Stackoverflow Reboot, ScheduleReboot, ReallySuppress, Unexpected Reboot, Restart Manager, msiexec.exe The ScheduleReboot action is a dangerous action if conditioned improperly, the whole action can normally be removed from the setup. 2018-Nov-01 Stein Åsmul
626 - SUBINACL.exe ACE, ACL, DACL Display or modify Access Control Entries (ACEs) for file and folder Permissions, Ownership and Domain - on NTFS drives. 2018-Oct-30
625 How to ScheduleReboot in wix only if several sessions are opened Stackoverflow ScheduleReboot, FileInUse, Reboot, ReallySuppress, Eliminate Reboot Prompts, Silent Install, Unexpected Reboot, Detect Multiple Logons, Terminal Server Detecting whether many users are logged on at the same time. 2012-May-25 Stein Åsmul
624 Is there a really-really-really-don't-reboot parameter for msiexec? Superuser ScheduleReboot, FileInUse, Reboot, ReallySuppress, Eliminate Reboot Prompts, Silent Install, Unexpected Reboot Be careful with your measures intended to prevent reboot. 2012-May-25 Various
623 Reboot on install, Don't reboot on uninstall Stackoverflow ScheduleReboot, FileInUse, Reboot, Eliminate Reboot Prompts, Silent Install, Unexpected Reboot Poor conditioning of the ScheduleReboot action can trigger spontaneous reboot in silent installation scenarios. 2018-Feb-17 Stein Åsmul
622 In-use files not updated by MSI-installer (Visual Studio Installer project) Stackoverflow FileInUse, Reboot, RestartManager, Logging, Eliminate Reboot Prompts, Silent Install, MSI, In-Use Files, Reboot Manager There are many ways to try and avoid reboot prompts or file in use dialogs. In-use files not updated. Reboot manager. RestartManager, Visual Studio Setup Projects. 2018-Jul-17 Stein Åsmul
621 Windows Installer-Avoid FileinUse dialog box when Installing a package Stackoverflow FileInUse, Reboot, RestartManager, Eliminate Reboot Prompts, Silent Install There are many ways to try and avoid reboot prompts or file in use dialogs. Very comprehensive, but over the top. 2018-Jun-19 Stein Åsmul
620 VBScript - WScript.Quit VBScript, ActiveScripting How to exit a VBScript script. 2018-Oct-30
619 UAC - Disable or Limit popup prompts UAC, Prompts, secpol.msc, User Account Control To view or adjust the settings for UAC, type secpol.msc into Start-Run to open the Local Security Policy snap-in. 2018-Oct-30
618 VBScript - Commands VBScript Commands A list of VBScript Commands. 2018-Oct-30
617 CMD - User Shell Folders User Shell Folders Windows CMD 2018-Oct-30
616 PowerShell - Unblock-File Unblock-File PowerShell Computer Topics Shell Extension 2018-Oct-30
615 Subinacl.exe - Modify Access Control Entries Subinacl, Modify Access Control Entries, Admin Rights Some PowerShell cmdlets and Windows commands such as REG ADD and SUBINACL have to be run from an elevated prompt, there are several ways of doing this. 2018-Oct-30
614 Powershell - Run with elevated permissions PowerShell, Elevation, Admin Rights, Elevated Permissions Launching PowerShell scripts with elevation. 2018-Oct-30
613 VBScript - ShellExecute ShellExecute VBScript 2018-Oct-30
612 CMD - Robocopy Exit Codes Robocopy Exit Codes Windows CMD Workspace ErrorLevel 2018-Oct-30
611 CMD - Syntax : Escape Characters, Delimiters and Quotes Delimiters, Escape Characters, Quotes Handling special characters. 2018-Oct-30
610 PowerShell - Syntax PowerShell Syntax Reference 2018-Oct-30
609 PowerShell - Commands PowerShell commands Workspace Must Read 2018-Oct-30
608 CMD - Permissions and Privileges Permissions Privileges Windows CMD 2018-Oct-30
607 CMD - Parameters / Arguments Parameters Arguments Windows CMD 2018-Oct-30
606 SQL Server - A-Z Index of SQL Server SQL Server Database 2005, Index 2018-Oct-30
605 MSIX - Biggest Update for Windows Installer Advanced Installer MSIX, MSI, Advanced Installer 2018-Oct-30 Advanced Installer
604 Msiexec.exe - Windows installer Msiexec, Windows installer, CMD 2018-Oct-30
603 VBScript - isBlank NULL empty IsNumeric isBlank, NULL, empty, IsNumeric, VBScript 2018-Oct-30
602 CMD - If - Conditionally perform command If, Conditionally perform command, CMD, ErrorLevel 2018-Oct-30
601 CMD - gpupdate - Group Policy gpupdate, Group Policy Windows CMD, Current Password Change 2018-Oct-30
600 CMD - Findstr - search across line breaks Findstr search across line breaks, Windows, CMD 2018-Oct-30
599 Rainer Stropek's Github repositories Github Github, Rainer Stropek Rainer Stropek's Github repositories. 2018-Nov-03 Rainer Stropek
598 CMD - EnableDelayedExpansion EnableDelayedExpansion Windows CMD 2018-Oct-30
597 Devcon.exe Devcon Windows CMD 2018-Oct-30
596 CMD - Dequote / remove quotes Dequote remove quotes Windows CMD ss64 2018-Oct-30
595 PowerShell - Common Parameters Common Parameters PowerShell Computer Topics Shell Extension 2018-Oct-30
594 CMD - Command Redirection Command Redirection, Pipes, Windows Batch How to redirect command output. 2018-Oct-30
593 CMD - Variable edit replace CMD Variable edit replace Windows Sfc ss64 Use the syntax below to edit and replace the characters assigned to a string variable. 2018-Oct-30
592 PowerShell - Clear-ItemProperty Clear-ItemProperty PowerShell Computer Topics Shell Extension Delete the value of a property (e.g. a registry value) but not the property itself. 2018-Oct-30
591 VBScript - objShell.Run VBScript, objShell.Run Run an external Command: objShell.Run. 2018-Oct-30
590's InstallShield InstallScript Samples, Tools & Tips Landing Page Tools, Tips, Installsite, InstallShield, Examples, Samples, Code, Installscript's landing page for InstallShield and MSI samples and documentation. 2018-Oct-30 Stefan Krüger
589 Installer created by VS 2008 deployment project fails with error “System.BadImageFormatException” Stackoverflow Bitness, 32/64, 32-bit, 64-bit, Corrupted, Configuration, app.config, Visual Studio Deployment Project, VSProj What can cause System.BadImageFormatException? 2018-Oct-16 Stein Åsmul
588 CMD - Error Level Error levels, Batch, Command Line, CLI Almost all applications and utilities will set an Exit Code when they complete / terminate. 2018-Oct-30
587 Tools Overview - Windows Installer Resources for System Administrators Tool Application Repackaging, Capture, Conversion, MSI, Setup.exe, AdminStudio, Flexera, Advanced Installer Architect Beyond setup creation tools, there are several tools for system administrators designed to convert legacy installers to MSI or AppV or to customize MSI setups for deployment. 2018-Oct-30 Stefan Krüger
586 Tools Overview - MSI Deployment / Packaging Tools Tool MSI, AppX, AppV, MSIX A handful of major tools exist to create MSI installers, and several further tools that can be used. 2018-Oct-30 Stefan Krüger
585 Tools Overview - Non-MSI Deployment / Packaging Tools Tool Setup.exe, Non-MSI, Legacy Package, Legacy Installer There are several non-MSI based tools you can use to create installers. 2018-Oct-30 Stefan Krüger
584 Xeam Visual Installer Tool MSI, WiX, Bootstrapper Bootstrapper to create advanced WPF GUI - with animation - for WiX generated setups. 2018-Oct-30 Xeam
583 Tool MSI Deployment Tool. Open Source. Based on the WiX toolset. Maintained by deployment expert Chris Painter. 2018-Oct-30 Chris Painter
582 Tool MSI Free MSI Viewer. A commercial variant with a few further features. 2018-Oct-30
581 Tool MSI, AppX, MSIX, AppV, ThinApp, Etc... Major Deployment Tool. 2018-Oct-30 Advanced Installer
580 Bitrock InstallBuilder Tool Setup.exe, Bitrock, Installer, Deployment Tool One of the lesser known deployment tools. 2018-Oct-30 Bitrock
579 Tool MSI, AppX, MSIX Major Deployment Tool. Commercial branch of the open source WiX toolkit. 2018-Oct-30 FireGiant
578 WiX Toolset Tool MSI, AppX, MSIX Major Deployment Tool. Open Source. 2018-Oct-30 WiX Toolset
577 Tool MSI, AppX, MSIX Major Deployment Tool. 2018-Oct-30
576 Tool MSI, AppX, MSIX Major Deployment Tool. 2018-Oct-30 InstallShield
575 Why does my installer not run while using the /norestart flag? Stackoverflow REBOOT, Suppress, Restart, msiexec.exe, setup.exe How to prevent an InstallShield setup.exe from triggering an unexpected reboot in silent mode. 2018-Oct-30
574 WiX - WiX KDB (FireGiant) WiX WiX, KDB, Online, MSI, MSIX, AppX FireGiant's WiX knowledge database. FireGiant is WiX's commercial branch. 2018-Oct-30 FireGiant
573 WiX - Bug Tracker Github WiX, Online, BugDB, MSI, MSIX, AppX WiX bug tracker, now hosted on 2018-Oct-30 WiX Toolset
572 WiX - Tutorial (FireGiant) WiX WiX, KDB, Online, MSI, FireGiant, Tutorial The WiX tutorial originally created by a WiX user (Gábor), now hosted by FireGiant. FireGiant is WiX's commercial branch. 2018-Oct-30 FireGiant
571 WiX - Reference Manual WiX WiX, Online, MSI, MSIX, AppX WiX's Reference Manual. The best resource for WiX available. Also available in CHM help file format. 2018-Oct-30 WiX Toolset
570 WiX - Documentation Home WiX WiX, Online, MSI, MSIX, AppX Landing page for WiX documentation and resources. 2018-Oct-30 WiX Toolset
569 WiX - WiX WiX, MSI, MSIX, AppX The WiX Toolset is an XML-based way to compile MSI, MSIX and AppX setup files. 2018-Oct-30 WiX Toolset
568 Download Microsoft SDK Versions URL Microsoft, SDK, Download Download the Microsoft SDK (included with Visual Studio). 2018-Oct-30 Microsoft Developers
567 MSI SDK - Online Documentation Microsoft Docs MSI SDK, Reference, MSI API Landing page for MSI SDK documentation. 2018-Oct-30 Microsoft Docs
566 Reference Deployment, Packaging, MSI, InstallShield Stefan Krüger's site for deployment questions, articles and discussion. 2018-Oct-30
565 URL Deployment, Packaging, MSI, InstallShield, WiX, Advanced Installer Bob Kelly's site for deployment questions, articles and discussion. 2018-Oct-30
564 URL Deployment, Packaging, MSI, InstallShield Stefan Krüger's site for deployment questions, articles and discussion. 2018-Oct-30 Stefan Krüger
563 MagNumDB Reference Magical Number Database, Guids, CLSID, Defines, SDK Constants, Error Codes, Interface ID A comprehensive, online database of Microsoft SDK information of various types. 2018-Oct-30 MagNumDB
562 System Administration, Reference, Samples, Command Lines, Tools, PowerShell, Cmd.exe, Batch General purpose system administrator reference site. A winner for its simplicity and no-nonsense approach to getting the job done. 2018-Oct-30
561 Reference C++, Reference, Samples A good site for C++ users. 2018-Oct-30 C++ Reference
560 Reference pinvoke, Win32, .NET, COM Reference site for pinvoke in .NET. 2018-Oct-30
559 Microsoft Developer code samples Code Sample MSDN, Code, Samples, Example Microsoft's developer code samples. 2018-Oct-30 MSDN
558 JavaScript RegExp Reference Reference RegEx, Sample, Example, JavaScript W3School's RegEx Javascript reference. Comes in handy. 2018-Oct-30 W3Schools
557 Tool RegEx, Search, String RegEx generators can be found online. Here is one example. 2018-Oct-30
556 Tool RegEx, Search, String RegEx generators can be found online. Here is one example. 2018-Oct-30
555 Tool RegEx, Search, String RegEx generators can be found online. Here is one example. 2018-Oct-30
554 Tool GUID, Generate, Online This online GUID generator can come in handy. 2018-Oct-30
553 URL Share, Tools, Live, Download Live share of SysInternals tools for downloading the latest versions of the tools in the SysInternals suite. 2018-Oct-30 Mark Russinovich
552 Forum Adobe, Forum, Forums Many forums for different Adobe products. 2018-Oct-30 Adobe
551 Flexera's Landing Page for Customer Support Support Resources Flexera, Documentation, Forums, KDB, Knowledge Database Flexera's landing page for customer support. 2018-Oct-30 Flexera
550 Dell Community Forum Forum, Dell, Hardware Forum for Dell users. 2018-Oct-30 Dell Community
549 Forum JQuery, JavaScript, Web, Html Forum for JQuery, the Javascript library for development of HTML web-pages. 2018-Oct-30 JQuery
548 Forum Qt, GUI, Development, Cross Platform Development, Signals and Slots, QString The Qt C++ multi-platform SDK for application and GUI development. Used for Google Earth, Paint Shop Pro, and many more. 2018-Oct-30 Qt
547 SysInternals TechNet Forums Forum SysInternals, Mark Russinovich Discussion board for the SysInternals suite of hard-core Windows tools used to debug or diagnose "anything" on Windows. 2018-Oct-30 Mark Russinovich
546 (moved to TechNet Forums) Forum SysInternals, Mark Russinovich Discussion board for the SysInternals suite of hard-core Windows tools used to debug or diagnose "anything" on Windows. 2018-Oct-30 Mark Russinovich
545 Forum Advanced Installer, Forums Discussion board for Advanced Installer - the commercial deployment tool with some free features included. 2018-Oct-30 Advanced Installer
544 Forum Forum, InstallShield, InstallAware, Flexera Forums for the Flexera tools InstallShield, InstallAware, and more. 2018-Oct-30 InstallShield Community
543 Forum Stackoverflow, MSI, WiX, Advanced Installer, PACE Suite, BitRock, Oracle, Qt The world's leading developer site also has questions about deployment tools and issues. 2018-Oct-30
542 Forum InstallShield, General, Package Tips, Forums Bob Kelly's site. 2018-Oct-30
541 Forum Installsite, MSI, InstallShield Independent setup consultant Stefan Krüger's InstallShield-centric community forums for packaging and deployment. 2018-Oct-30 Stefan Krüger
540 Setup.exe Return Values and Run-Time Errors (InstallScript Projects) InstallShield Flexera, InstallShield, Setup.exe, Run-Time Errors, InstallScript The range of error messages returned from InstallScript setup.exe files. 2018-Jan-01 Flexera
539 Twitter: Rob Mensching Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Rob Mensching
538 Twitter: Chris Painter Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Chris Painter
537 Twitter: Bob Kelly Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Bob Kelly
536 Twitter: InstallShield Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 InstallShield
535 Twitter: Stefan Krüger Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Stefan Krüger
534 Twitter: Bogdan Mitrache Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Bogdan Mitrache
533 Twitter: Heath Stewart Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Heath Stewart
532 Twitter: ITNinja Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 ITNinja
531 Twitter: FireGiant Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 FireGiant
530 Twitter: PACE Suite Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 PACE Suite
529 Twitter: Remko Weijnen Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Remko Weijnen
528 Twitter: Flexera Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Flexera
527 Twitter: Ginny Caughey Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Ginny Caughey
526 Twitter: Steven Thomas Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Steven Thomas
525 Twitter: Priya Saxena Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Priya Saxena
524 Twitter: Scott Hanselman Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Scott Hanselman
523 Twitter: J. Michael Straczynski Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 J. Michael Straczynski
522 Twitter: Jeff Atwood Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Jeff Atwood
521 Twitter: Timothy Mangan Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Tim Mangan
520 Twitter: Grady Booch Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Grady Booch
519 Twitter: Rory Monaghan Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Rory Monaghan
518 Twitter: Simon Kuestenmacher Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Simon Kuestenmacher
517 Twitter: Advanced Installer Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Advanced Installer
516 Twitter: Robert Dickau Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Robert Dickau
515 Twitter: Vigneshwaran Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Vigneshwaran
514 Twitter: Bob Arnson Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Bob Arnson
513 Twitter: Stein Åsmul Twitter Account Twitter, Profile Twitter profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Stein Åsmul
512 Stackoverflow User: Bogdan Mitrache Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Bogdan Mitrache
511 Stackoverflow User: Tom Blodget Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Tom Blodget
510 Stackoverflow User: Wim Coenen Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Wim Coenen
509 Stackoverflow User: Chris Painter Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Chris Painter
508 Stackoverflow User: Stefan Krüger Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Stefan Krüger
507 Stackoverflow User: John M. Wright Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 John M. Wright
506 Stackoverflow User: Stein Åsmul Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Stein Åsmul
505 Stackoverflow User: Sean Hall Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Sean Hall
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502 Stackoverflow User: Raymond Chen Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Raymond Chen
501 Stackoverflow User: Yan Sklyarenko Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Yan Sklyarenko
500 Stackoverflow User: Andreas Grech Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Andreas Grech
499 Stackoverflow User: Dirk Vollmar Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Dirk Vollmar
498 Stackoverflow User: Marek Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Marek
497 Stackoverflow User: Michael Urman Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Michael Urman
496 Stackoverflow User: Phil Wilson Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Phil Wilson
495 Stackoverflow User: Hans Passant Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Hans Passant
494 Stackoverflow User: Sascha Beaumont Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile Stackoverflow profile page. 2018-Oct-30 Sascha Beaumont
493 Priya Saxena's Blog Blogger MSIX, AppV, AppX, Deployment Blogger involved in MSIX and new deployment developments. 2018-Oct-30 Priya Saxena
492 Advanced UI and Suite/Advanced UI Setup.exe Command-Line Parameters InstallShield Setup.exe, Update.exe, Parameters, InstallShield, MSI, Suite, Advanced UI The official documentation for setup.exe and update.exe InstallShield launchers for Advanced UI or Suite project - it is different from their normal setup.exe launcher - which is unfortunate indeed. 2018-Jan-01 Flexera
491 Setup.exe and Update.exe Command-Line Parameters InstallShield Setup.exe, Update.exe, Parameters, InstallShield, MSI The official documentation for setup.exe and update.exe InstallShield launchers. 2018-Jan-01 Flexera
490 B is for Bundle and that's good enough for me Blog Entry Cookie Monster, Mensching, Good Enough For Me, B is for Bundle Rob Mensching channels the cookie monster and applies its philosophy to Burn. 2012-Jun-25 Rob Mensching
489 Windows Installer Scripting Examples Microsoft Docs MSI API, COM, VBScript, Samples, MSI SDK The list of the MSI API VBScript samples included in the Windows SDK. 2018-May-31 Stein Åsmul
488 Comprehensive list of command line flags/options for Burn/bootstrapper in WiX Stackoverflow Burn, Command line flags / options, Documentation, Bundle, Setup.exe What are the flags avaialble for a Burn setup.exe bundle? 2018-Jun-03 John M. Wright
487 Using Srvany to run an application as a Windows Service? Core Technologies SrvAny.exe, WhatsUp.exe, Service A proprietary alternative to SrvAny.exe 2018-Oct-30 Core Technologies
486 Writing Data to MSI Database Stackoverflow DTF, Binary Table, Update, Script, C# Writing Data to MSI Database. 2013-Jan-28 Yan Sklyarenko
485 Wix installer to replace INSTSRV and SRVANY for user defined service installation Stackoverflow SC.exe, InstSrv.exe, Installer Class Custom Actions, SrvAny.exe, ServiceInstall, ServiceControl, NodeJs script as a service A sample in WiX for using SrvAny.exe to run a NodeJs script as a service. 2014-May-15 Chris Painter
484 Short Service Start Check List (How exactly does the WiX 'Service Install' work internally?) Stackoverflow Service, Startup, Blocking, Locking, Security Software, Logging, SC.exe A shortened list of issues to check for service startup problems. 2018-Apr-12 Stein Åsmul
483 How do I avoid distributing sensitive information in my MSI by accident? Stackoverflow Sensitive Information, Hard Coded Values, Debug Dialogs, IP Addresses, Server URLs, Debug only message box There is a high risk of spreading sensitive information or erroneous settings with your MSI or setup package if you don't put proper measures in place to avoid it. 2018-Jan-17 Stein Åsmul
482 Microsoft Debugging Environments Microsoft Docs Visual Studio, WinDbg, KD, NTKD, CDB, NTSD Six available debugging environments with WDK & Visual Studio. Visual Studio W/integrated Windows debugger, Microsoft Windows Debugger (WinDbg), Microsoft Kernel Debugger (KD), NTKD, Microsoft Console Debugger (CDB), Microsoft NT Symbolic Debugger (NTSD) 2017-May-23 Microsoft Docs
481 Debugging Using CDB and NTSD Microsoft Docs Microsoft Console Debugger (CDB), Microsoft NT Symbolic Debugger (NTSD) User-Mode Process, Dump File, Symbol Path - how to perform basic debugging tasks using the Microsoft Console Debugger (CDB) and Microsoft NT Symbolic Debugger (NTSD). 2017-Nov-28 Microsoft Docs
480 Links to GNU/Linux Websites and Books Linux, GNU, Websites, Books A long list of Linux books and websites. 2018-Nov-22
479 Restarting windows service during WIX upgrade Stackoverflow Service, Minor Upgrade, Permanent Component, Managed Service Account, Late REP, Service MSI, Major Upgrade How to avoid re-installing a service, but rather just restart it during upgrades. Just keywords and overview. 2018-Jun-09 Stein Åsmul
478 SC.exe Service Control, Create, Start, Stop, Query, Delete, Install, Manage Service Control - Create, Start, Stop, Query or Delete any Windows SERVICE. The command options for SC are case sensitive. 2018-Oct-30
477 How to run an installation in /silent mode with adjusted settings Stackoverflow Install, Set Parameters, Silent Install, Repackaging, Extraction, Standard Packaging Format, Proprietary Packaging Formats, Customize Standard Package How to install any setup with customized settings. Several different options. No silver bullets. 2018-Oct-14 Stein Åsmul
476 Various ways to create a transform (How to convert an MSM file into an MSI file on the command line? Doing this with the Windows Installer SDK, or COM) Stackoverflow COM, Win32, Transforms, InstallShield, Advanced Installer, Orca, DTF, .NET There are many ways to create an MSI transform: COM, .NET / DTF, Win32, Tools. 2018-Oct-19 Stein Åsmul
475 Advanced Installer: Create and edit an MST file Advanced Installer MST, Advanced Installer, Create MST How to create a transform with Advanced Installer. 2018-Oct-30 Advanced Installer
474 Apply a default transform with Burn (Wix burn doesn't allow to remove file) Stackoverflow Transform, Burn, Properties, Payload Example, Hello WiX Burn, Basic Burn How to apply a transform for an MSI that is part of a Burn bundle. 2018-Jun-16 Stein Åsmul
473 How to Grant Users Rights to Manage Services (Start, Stop, Etc.) Forum Services, Manage, Start, Stop How to have regular users deal with services. 2011-Nov-22 Patris_70
472 NTRIGHTS.exe (2003 Resource Kit) NT Rights, Privileges, A list of NT Privileges and what they mean. And the NTRights.exe tool from the Resource Kit. 2018-Oct-30 Stein Åsmul
471 Adding install location in installdir to Registry key in installshield 2018 Stackoverflow Persisting Properties, Registry, MSI, WiX, InstallShield, Persisting INSTALLDIR Properties must be specifically persisted in MSI. Links to information on the topic. Persisting properties in the registry using InstallShield. 2018-Oct-20 Stein Åsmul
470 CodeRush Tool Code Refactoring, Code Debugging, Improved InstalliSense Leading tool to help refactor and improve code. 2018-Oct-23 DevExpress
469 Visual C++ Team Blog Blogger Visual C++, Visual Studio The blog for the Visual C++ Team. 2018-Oct-30 Visual C++ Team
468 Introducing the Universal CRT Blog Entry Universal CRT, Runtime, C++, Visual Studio, EXE, Merge Module, VCRedist Complications in the distribution of the Universal CRT. 2015-Mar-03 James McNellis, Raman Sharma
467 Wix - ServiceControl start takes four minutes to fail, should be 30 sec Stackoverflow Service, Slow Startup, Timeout, Failure A messy answer on slow service startup. Also read the other answers. 2018-May-15 Stein Åsmul
466 Wix Service Installer sometimes fails to install or start (quick debugging) Stackoverflow Service, MSI, WiX, Start Debugging, Startup Failure The short-list of debugging a service that will not start. Not very inclusive, just keywords. 2018-May-11 Stein Åsmul
465 L10N/M10N: Localization minimization Blog Entry Localization, WiX, MSI On WiX localization strings. 2013-Feb-06 Bob Arnson
464 WiX (Windows Installer Xml), Create universal variables Stackoverflow Preprocessor Variables, Localization Variables, Include Files, Burn Variables, $(var.Variable), !(loc.LanguageLcid) The difference between preprocessor-, localization- and burn variables. 2018-May-21 Stein Åsmul
463 Adding entries to MSI UpgradeTable to remove related products Stackoverflow Major Upgrade, Upgrade Table, Remove, Multiple Removals How to author the upgrade table to remove several pre-existing installations of different products? 2018-Aug-11 Stein Åsmul
462 Write to file as Different User Stackoverflow Impersonation, Other User, Emulation Running impersonated, or in other words as another user. 2014-Jun-02 Stein Åsmul
461 Major Upgrade without uninstallation of Windows Service Stackoverflow Service, Credentials, Major Upgrade, Preserve, Uninstall Trying to preserve service credentials during upgrade. 2017-Nov-20 Phil Wilson
460 Wix: Windows Service sometimes uninstalled when upgrading Stackoverflow Service, Credentials, Major Upgrade, Preserve, Uninstall, Managed Service Account, Little Bobby Void, Blank GUID, Early REP, Permanent Component, Custom Action Backup, Service Only MSI, Minor Upgrade Trying to preserve service credentials during upgrade. 2018-May-16 Stein Åsmul
459 UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied Stackoverflow Access Denied, Elevation, System Context, Custom Actions Short descriptions of how only part of an MSI installation happens in elevated mode. 2018-Jun-26 Stein Åsmul
458 Windows 7, Services Windows 7, Services An overview of what services are in Windows 7 - and what they do. 2018-Oct-30
457 Unselected Feature Being Installed Stackoverflow ADDLOCAL, REMOVE, Features, Feature Level, Feature Condition, INSTALLLEVEL, MsiGetFeatureState, MsiSetFeatureState, MigrateFeatureStates Controlling feature selection in various ways. Comprehensive overview. 2018-May-27 Stein Åsmul
456 How to install feature based on the property set in custom action? Stackoverflow ADDLOCAL, REMOVE, Features, Feature Level, INSTALLLEVEL, MsiGetFeatureState, MsiSetFeatureState Controlling feature selection in various ways. Quick summary. 2018-Mar-27 Stein Åsmul
455 WmiExplorer.exe Github WMI, .NET, Explorer Excellent WMI tool. Check Releases tab for latest binary release. 2017-Oct-06 Vinay Pamnani
454 On Preprocessor Constructs in WiX - (Wix Installer : Setting component condition property when doing a MSIEXEC admin install at command line) Stackoverflow Feature Conditions, Precompiler Variables, Constructs, Features, Setup.exe, Launcher Another case where the answer might go off into the wilderness when you consider what the question was, but this is a piece on WiX precompiler constructs, features and splitting up setups. 2018-Mar-26 Stein Åsmul
453 WIX If…else condition using registry Stackoverflow Feature Conditions, Conditions, Precompiler Variables, INSTALLLEVEL, Level=0 The difference between precompiler variables and feature conditions and beyond. 2018-Mar-29 Stein Åsmul
452 General deployment debugging (The setup process in windows fails access denied when trying to create “uc.micro” folder) Stackoverflow Locking, Blocking, Corrupted, Unexpected, Localization, General Deployment Debugging Somewhat out of context for question, but a summary of general deployment problems. 2018-Jan-25 Stein Åsmul
451 General deployment debugging (Visual Studio installer fails on AspNetDiagnosticPack.msi) Stackoverflow Reboot, Logging, Application Lauch Debugging, Service Start, Different User, Locking, Blocking, Corrupted, Unexpected, General Deployment Debugging, Deployment Mnemonic Somewhat out of context for question, but a summary of general deployment problems. 2018-Apr-23 Stein Åsmul
450 Windows Installer Team Blog (long since abandoned) Blogger MSI, Windows Installer, SDK The team behind Windows Installer. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
449 Failing condition WiX Stackoverflow LaunchConditions, FeatureCondtions, Feature, Level=0, INSTALLLEVEL LaunchConditions must always evaluate to true for the setup to be able to install / run. 2018-Apr-17 Stein Åsmul
448 CryptoAPI Tools - Tools to Create, View, and Manage Certificates Tool MakeCert.exe, Cert2SPC.exe, CertMgr.exe CryptoAPI Tools are tools to perform common certificate management tasks. 2018-May-31 Microsoft Github
447 CryptoAPI Tools - Tools to Sign Files and Check Signatures Microsoft Docs MakeCat.exe, SetReg.exe, SignTool.exe Use to sign files digitally, to confirm signatures on files, and to create catalog files. 2018-May-31 Microsoft Github
446 MakeCert (deprecated) Tool Certificates, Signing, X.509 Certificate Creates an X.509 certificate (file, system certificate store, or both). MakeCert.exe has been deprecated in favor of the Powershell Cmdlet New-SelfSignedCertificate. 2018-May-31 Microsoft Github
445 HTML - W3C Markup Validation Service Tool HTML, Validate, Standard Tool to check the markup (HTML, XHTML, ...) of Web documents. 2018-Oct-29
444 Common .NET Libraries for Developers MSDN Core Classes, .NET, C#, Managed Code The most crucial parts of the .NET library. The core classes most developers use. 2002-Feb-01 Microsoft Github
443 Calling a .NET Component from a COM Component MSDN COM, Interop, .NET, Managed Code, Assemblies Using Assemblies from COM. 2002-Jan-01 Mike Gunderloy
442 Calling COM Components from .NET Clients MSDN COM, Interop, .NET, Managed Code, Assemblies Using COM components from managed code. 2001-Nov-01 Mike Gunderloy
441 Registering a CPP dll into COM after installation using Wix Msi installer Stackoverflow COM, .NET, Assembly, regasm.exe, tlbexp.exe, tlbimp.exe, gacutil.exe, procmon.exe, Dependency Walker Crazytalk. This is one of those answer that turned into a lot of detail organically. Not good. Not terrible either. 2017-Dec-13 Stein Åsmul
440 Winres.exe (Windows Resource Localization Editor) .NET SDK Tool Localize, Windows Forms, UI, GUI A visual layout tool that helps localization experts localize Windows Forms user interface (UI) resources used by forms. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
439 Winmdexp.exe (Windows Runtime Metadata Export Tool) .NET SDK Tool Windows Runtime Metadata, Module Transforms a .NET Framework module into a file that contains Windows Runtime metadata. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
438 Tlbimp.exe (Type Library Importer) .NET SDK Tool COM, Assembly, .NET, CLR Converts type definitions in a COM type library into equivalent definitions in a common language runtime assembly. Outputs assembly with runtime metadata from original type library. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
437 Tlbexp.exe (Type Library Exporter) .NET SDK Tool CLR, Type Library, COM Generates a type library that describes the types defined in a common language runtime assembly. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
436 Storeadm.exe (Isolated Storage Tool) .NET SDK Tool Isolated Storage, Stores The Isolated Storage tool lists or removes all existing stores for the current user. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
435 SqlMetal.exe (Code Generation Tool) .NET SDK Tool LINQ, SQL Generates code and mapping for the LINQ to SQL component of the .NET Framework. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
434 SOS.dll (SOS debugging extension) .NET SDK Tool Debug, Managed Code, VS, WinDbg.exe, CLR, Windows Driver Kit (WDK) Helps debug managed programs in Visual Studio and in the Windows debugger (WinDbg.exe) by providing information about the internal Common Language Runtime (CLR) environment. This tool requires your project to have unmanaged debugging enabled. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
433 Sn.exe (Strong Name Tool) .NET SDK Tool Strong Name, Signature, Verification Helps sign assemblies with strong names. Sn.exe provides options for key management, signature generation, and signature verification. Strong names are for unique identity, not security as such. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
432 SignTool.exe (Sign Tool) .NET SDK Tool Signature, Verification, Time Stamps, Certificates Digitally signs files, verifies signatures in files, and time-stamps files. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
431 SecAnnotate.exe (.NET Security Annotator Tool) .NET SDK Tool Assembly, SecurityCritical, SecuritySafeCritical Identifies the SecurityCritical and SecuritySafeCritical portions of one or more assemblies. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
430 Resgen.exe (Resource File Generator) .NET SDK Tool Common Language Runtime Resource Files, RESX, Text Converts text (.txt or .restext) files and XML-based resource format (.resx) files to common language runtime binary (.resources) files that can be embedded in a runtime binary executable or satellite assembly. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
429 Regasm.exe (Assembly Registration Tool) .NET SDK Tool Assembly, COM, Managed Code Call Assembly as COM. Reads the metadata within an assembly and adds the necessary entries to the registry, which allows COM clients to create .NET Framework classes transparently. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
428 Peverify.exe (PEVerify Tool) .NET SDK Tool MSIL, Type Safety, Metadata Helps determine if MSIL code and metadata meet type safety requirements (For MSIL developers - compiler, script engine, etc...). Some compilers generate verifiably type-safe code only if you avoid using certain language constructs. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
427 Ngen.exe (Native Image Generator) .NET SDK Tool Native Image, Cache, Performance Improves performance of managed applications by making native, CPU-specific images. Native image cache. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
426 Mpgo.exe (Managed Profile Guided Optimization Tool) .NET SDK Tool Optimize Assemblies, Native Image Generator, Profile Data, Scenarios Optimize the native image assemblies that are created by the Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe). This tool enables you to run training scenarios that generate profile data. The Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe) uses this data to optimize its generated native image application assemblies. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
425 Mgmtclassgen.exe (Management Strongly Typed Class Generator) .NET SDK Tool WMI, Managed Code, Assembly Enables you to quickly generate an early-bound managed class for a specified Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
424 MDbg.exe (.NET Framework Command-Line Debugger) - (NuGet only) .NET SDK Tool Debug, Debugging, Bug Fixing Uses the runtime debugging API to provide debugging services. Managed code only. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
423 Best .NET build tool Stackoverflow NAnt, MSBuild, .NET, Automation, Build, FinalBuilder What is the best tool for .NET build automation? 2008-Aug-19 Peter Meyer
422 MageUI.exe (Manifest Generation and Editing Tool, Graphical Client) .NET SDK Tool Deployment Manifest, Application Manifest UI-Version of mage.exe. Create, edit, and sign deployment and application manifests. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
421 Mage.exe (Manifest Generation and Editing Tool) .NET SDK Tool Application Manifest, Deployment Manifest, Edit, Assemblies Supports the creation and editing of application and deployment manifests. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
420 Lc.exe (License Compiler) .NET SDK Tool Licensing, Binary Output, Compile, Embedded, Resource Reads text files that contain licensing information and produces a binary file that can be embedded in a common language runtime executable as a resource. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
419 Installutil.exe (Installer Tool) .NET SDK Tool CLI, Installer Methods, Installer Components, Assemblies, Self-Registration, System.Configuration.Install Command-line utility that allows you to install and uninstall server resources by executing the installer components in specified assemblies. System.Configuration.Install namespace. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
418 Ildasm.exe (IL Disassembler) .NET SDK Tool PE, IL, Text File Takes a portable executable (PE) file that contains intermediate language (IL) code and creates a text file suitable as input to Ilasm.exe. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
417 Ilasm.exe (IL Assembler) .NET SDK Tool Generate PE, Intermediate Language, IL, Metadata Generates a portable executable (PE) file from intermediate language (IL). 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
416 Gacutil.exe (Global Assembly Cache Tool) .NET SDK Tool GAC, Strong Name, Assemblies, Download Cache, Global Assembly Cache Allows you to view and manipulate the contents of the global assembly cache and download cache. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
415 Fuslogvw.exe (Assembly Binding Log Viewer) .NET SDK Tool Logging, Binding, Errors, TypeLoadExeception Displays details for assembly binds - helps diagnose why the .NET Framework cannot locate an assembly at run time. Often: wrong location, invalid image, mismatched version numbers or cultures. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
414 CorFlags.exe (CorFlags Conversion Tool) .NET SDK Tool Header, PE, Portable Executable Allows you to configure the CorFlags section of the header of a portable executable image. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
413 Clrver.exe (CLR Version Tool) .NET SDK Tool CLR Version, CLR The CLR Version tool (Clrver.exe) reports all the installed versions of the common language runtime (CLR) on the computer. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
412 Certmgr.exe (Certificate Manager Tool) .NET SDK Tool Certificates, Trust Lists, Revocation Lists The Certificate Manager tool (Certmgr.exe) manages certificates, certificate trust lists (CTLs), and certificate revocation lists (CRLs). 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
411 Cert2spc.exe (Software Publisher Certificate Test Tool) .NET SDK Tool Certificate, Testing Creates a Software Publisher's Certificate (SPC) from one or more X.509 certificates. Cert2spc.exe is for test purposes only. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
410 Caspol.exe (Code Access Security Policy Tool) .NET SDK Tool Security, Policy, Machine, User, Enterprise The Code Access Security (CAS) Policy tool (Caspol.exe) enables users and administrators to modify security policy for the machine policy level, the user policy level, and the enterprise policy level. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
409 Aximp.exe (Windows Forms ActiveX Control Importer) .NET SDK Tool Type Declarations, Definitions, ActiveX, COM, Windows Forms The ActiveX Control Importer converts type definitions in a COM type library for an ActiveX control into a Windows Forms control. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
408 Al.exe (Assembly Linker) .NET SDK Tool .NET, Assembly, Manifest Generates a file with assembly manifest from one or more files that are either modules or resource files. A module is an intermediate language (IL) file that does not have an assembly manifest. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
407 Regsvcs.exe (.NET Services Installation Tool) .NET SDK Tool .NET, Service, COM+, Registration, Type Library, Tool .NET Services Installation Tool. Loads, registers an assembly. Generates, registers, and installs a type library into a specified COM+ application. Configures services that you have added programmatically to your class. 2018-Oct-29 Microsoft Github
406 Administrator's Introduction to Application Repackaging and Software Deployment using Windows Installer Book MSI, WiX, Repackaging, Application Packaging On the black-art of application repackaging by two industry leaders. 2002-Nov-21 Bob Baker, Robert Dickau
405 WiX: A Developer's Guide to Windows Installer XML Book MSI, WiX A practical book on the WiX Toolset. 2010-Oct-18 Nick Ramirez
404 Books For Setup Developers Book MSI, WiX, Windows, Technology, Deployment, Installers, Setup.exe's list of books for deployment professionals. 2018-Oct-29 Stefan Krüger
403 Mark Russinovich's Blog Blogger Microsoft, Windows, Security, Malware, Debugging, System Mark Russinovich is the creator and maintainer of the legendary Sysinternals Tools Suite. 2018-Oct-29 Mark Russinovich
402 Windows Sysinternals Tools Suite Tool Microsoft, Windows, Debugging, Analysis, Malware Analysis, Anti-Malware The well-known Windows Sysinternals Tools Suite is a must-have for technology and deployment professionals. The range of functionality is astonishing. 2018-Oct-29 Mark Russinovich
401 Scanning for dependencies (Which winform project files should be packed up into the installer) Stackoverflow Application Launch Debugging, MSI, WiX, Dependency, Depends.exe, NDepend, dumpbin, ProcMon, Process Explorer There are many tools you can use to scan for dependencies. Here are a few with brief descriptions. 2018-Aug-21 Stein Åsmul
400 How to add a dependent folder for a Wix burn bootstrapper exepackage Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Burn, Dependency Adding dependent files to Burn bundles. 2015-Apr-14 Sean Hall
399 Google Translate: Look up those hard words or translate whole sentences (can also use browser for latter). Tool Translate, Writing, Resource, Online Tool We all need a good dictionary or translation tool. 2018-Oct-29 Google
398 WinDirStat: Find space hogs - the things that fill up your hard drive Tool Microsoft, Windows, Disk Cleanup, Disk Space, Disc Tool to visualize what files take up a lot of disk space. 2018-Oct-29
397 Check Files and URLs Tool Malware, False Positives, Setup, Application, Security, Online Tool helps determine if you are dealing with malware. Also use to prevent false-positives for your setup and application. 2018-Oct-29
396 Raymond Chen speaks Norwegian and Swedish! Blog Entry Fun, Torsken, Cod, Currency, Video The cod has arrived! Fish and chips? Cod or pollack? 2018-Oct-29 Raymond Chen
395 Tool Dependencies, Microsoft, Windows, Win32, depends.exe Ancient, but good tool to check for Win32 dependencies. Outdated in some areas. See "Dependencies.exe" as well. Wikipedia 2018-Oct-29 Steve P. Miller
394 Dependencies.exe Github Dependencies, Microsoft, Windows, Win32, Open Source, Tool An open-source modern Dependency Walker. Supporting API-Sets and Side-by-side assemblies. Check the "Releases" tab for download. Wikipedia (towards bottom). 2018-Oct-29 lucasg
393 WixUIExtension.dll could not be loaded Stackoverflow MSI, WiX A common WiX compilation error. 2018-Oct-29 Stein Åsmul
392 InstallShield - Prevent registry values to be overwritten by patch during upgrade? URL MSI, InstallShield, Overwrite Behavior, Registry Resetting of registry values during upgrade scenarios is an MSI anti-pattern. 2018-Sep-07 Stein Åsmul
391 ROOTDRIVE is not modifying the destination directory URL MSI, WiX ROOTDRIVE is an odd Windows Installer concept. 2007-Jun-28 Symantec
390 Windows Installer evaluates ROOTDRIVE to local drive with less free memory space => why? Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Festivus Grievance, ROOTDRIVE, Directory Resolution The mysterious MSI directory resolution discussed, with links that might be better. 2018-Sep-28 Stein Åsmul
389 Google Preview: The Old New Thing: Practical Development Throughout the Evolution of Windows Book Windows, Microsoft, Backwards Compatibility, Technical Raymond Chen wrote a book. Some extras: Errata. Bonus chapter 1, Bonus chapter 2. Publisher. 2006-Dec-27 Raymond Chen
388 Okay, I changed my mind, I wrote a book after all Blog Entry Windows, Microsoft, Backwards Compatibility, Technical Raymond Chen changed his mind and wrote a book. 2006-Dec-07 Raymond Chen
387 Google Preview: The Definitive Guide to Windows Installer Book MSI, WiX, InstallShield, Orca, Advanced Installer, Visual Studio Installer Project Phil Wilson's primer on MSI. 2005-Mar-03 Phil Wilson
386 APress: The Definitive Guide to Windows Installer Book MSI, WiX, InstallShield, Orca, Advanced Installer, Visual Studio Installer Project Phil Wilson's primer on MSI. 2005-Mar-03 Phil Wilson
385 Rob Mensching's Old Blog Blogger MSI, WiX, Blog, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Rob Mensching
384 Rob Mensching's Blog Blogger MSI, WiX, Blog, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Rob Mensching
383 Bob Arnson's Blog Blogger MSI, WiX, Blog, Flight Simulator, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Bob Arnson
382 FireGiant's Blog Blogger MSI, WiX, Blog, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Firegiant
381 Chris Painter's Old Blog Blogger MSI, Blog, InstallShield, WiX, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Chris Painter
380 Chris Painter's Blog Blogger MSI, Blog, InstallShield, WiX, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Chris Painter
379 Stefan Krüger's Blog Blogger MSI, Blog, Installsite, InstallShield, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Stefan Krüger
378 Bogdan Mitrache's Blog / Technical Articles Blogger MSI, Blog, Advanced Installer, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Bogdan Mitrache
377 Peter Marcu's Blog Blogger MSI, Blog, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Peter Marcu
376 Flexera InstallTalk Blog Blogger MSI, Blog, Flexera, InstallShield, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Flexera
375 Neil Sleightholm's Blog Blogger MSI, Blog, WiX, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Neil Sleightholm
374 Heath Stewart's Blog Blogger MSI, Blog, WiX, Microsoft, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Heath Stewart
373 Alex Shevchuk's Blog Blogger MSI, Blog, WiX, Microsoft, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Alex Shevchuk
372 Aaron Stebner's Blog Blogger MSI, Blog, WiX, Microsoft, Deployment Blog Essential blog for deployment topics. 2018-Oct-29 Aaron Stebner
371 Raymond Chen's Blog Blogger MSI, Windows, Backwards Compatibility, Legacy, Core OS, Microsoft Raymond Chen - Micosoft's backwards compatibility guru - and beyond. 2017-Mar-30 Raymond Chen
370 Apress/def-guide-to-win-installer Github MSI, Wilson, WiX, WiX Samples, Essential Reading MSI Expert Phil Wilson's source code repository for his book "The Definitive Guide to Windows Installer". 2017-Mar-30 Phil Wilson
369 Can Visual Studio Projects work for large projects? (Visual Studio Publish Project Into One Simple Installer) Stackoverflow MSI, Visual Studio Installer Projects, Problems Visual Studio Installer projects have many problems, and they don't scale well. 2017-Dec-22 Stein Åsmul
368 Are Visual Studio Setup projects suitable for complex setups? Stackoverflow MSI, Visual Studio Installer Projects, Problems Visual Studio Installer Projects do not scale well. 2010-Mar-20 Chris Painter
367 Windows SDK 10 can not find .pcp file Stackoverflow PCP, Patching, MSI, Template, WiX, MSM, Patch Including MSM in patch. The template patch creation file (PCP) appears to be missing in action. Alternatives provided. 2018-Oct-23 Stein Åsmul
366 Wix Bootstrap prevent temp directory use Stackoverflow Temp Folder, Security Problem, Blocking, Burn, WiX, Group Policy WiX Burn bundle blocked by Kaspersky anti-virus. Also Group Policy interference is possible. 2018-Oct-25 Stein Åsmul
365 Batch script to install MSI Stackoverflow Batch, MSI, Silent Install, msiexec.exe How to install MSI files silently in batch files, a simple overview. 2014-Aug-10 Stein Åsmul
364 Silent installation of a MSI package Stackoverflow MSI, Silent Install, msiexec.exe How to install an MSI silently in the simplest possible way. 2017-Oct-17 Stein Åsmul
363 Programmatically detect MSI package being installed Stackoverflow MSI API, Upgrade, MSI, WiX How to detect if an existing, related MSI product is installed? 2018-Oct-28 Stein Åsmul
362 Remove component with in next update in WiX Stackoverflow WiX, MSI, Component, Cleanup, Remove Cleaning up a broken deployment with stray components. 2018-Jun-18 Stein Åsmul
361 Dysfunctional GUIDs - what can be done? Fun GUIDs, MSI Dysfunctional GUIDs have plagued the business for some time. 2018-Jun-13 Stein Åsmul
360 Roadmap for Device and Driver Installation Microsoft Docs Drivers, Roadmap, MSI, DPInst.exe The road map for driver installation from Microsoft. 2017-Apr-20 Microsoft Github
359 Windows Drivers Installs are changing (WiX silent install unable to launch built in EXE) Stackoverflow Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard, DPInst.exe, DIFx, Windows Update, WiX Driver Element Driver installation is changing and Microsoft wants drivers distributed by Windows Update. 2018-Aug-14 Stein Åsmul
358 Windows 10 not detecting on installshield Stackoverflow MSI, Windows 10, Version, Evergreen, Versionlessness The Windows Version is not always reported as expected in Windows 10. This is a "best-effort summary". 2018-Mar-18 Stein Åsmul
357 Frequently Asked Questions About COM and Windows Installer (MSI) / Application Packaging Symantec COM, .NET, MSI, Application Packaging, GAC, Strong Naming A summary of various issues around COM, .NET etc... 2011-Nov-04 piyushnasa
356 Microsoft Best Practices on Packaging Symantec MSI, Components, Rules, Best Practice Best practice on component creation for MSI. 2007-Oct-16 R-Vijay
355 Application Packaging: Basics and Benefits Symantec MSI, Components, Primer, 101, Overview A pretty comprehensive overview of MSI. 2007-Nov-09 R-Vijay
354 How to deploy the InstallShield MSI without having to run Setup.exe Symantec MSI, Setup.exe, Installscript, SMS, SCCM, AD Installscript MSI files must be modified and ripped apart to install properly silently. 2011-Apr-06 Symantec
353 Understanding Windows Installer File Versioning rules Symantec REINSTALLMODE, File Versioning Rules, MSI, msiexec.exe, Upgrades The MSI file versioning rules can be very counterintuitive to deal with. 2006-May-15 Symantec
352 Use of DpInst for Driver Applications Symantec DPInst.exe, MSI, Drivers DPInst.exe to install drivers with Wise (off market by now). 2009-Jun-21 nac
351 How to Access Windows Installer Property in Deferred Execution Symantec DLL Custom Action, MSI, Deferred Mode Accessing properties in deferred mode is a legendary challenge for MSI developers. 2007-May-02 Harsh Mokal
350 Creating DLL Custom Actions Symantec DLL Custom Action, MSI The basics of creating a C++ custom action. 2008-Apr-22 Scot Curry
349 Installing Device Driver Symantec DPINST.exe, MSI, Custom Action Installing drivers is changing, this is the older approach now. 2009-May-06 Deepanshu
348 Understanding Error 1603: Fatal Error During Installation Symantec MSI, msiexec.exe, Error 1603 Understanding Error 1603: various causes. 2007-Oct-15 R-Vijay
347 How to create a detailed installation log file for the Microsoft Installer Symantec MSI, Logging, msiexec.exe Description of how to do logging in MSI. 2010-Jan-28 Symantec
346 "Files in Use" and "Restart Manager" Symantec Restart Manager, Files In Use, FilesInUse Dialog, MSI Files in Use and Restart manager are two big features of Windows Installer 4. 2007-Nov-09 R-Vijay
345 A Guide to MSI Healing Symantec Self-Healing, MSI, Self-Repair, Resiliency Various ways to add HKCU keys. 2007-Sep-17 WiseUser
344 c:\Windows\System32 Files Explained Symantec System32, Files, Explanation Explanation of the files installed in System32. 2009-Dec-07 erikw
343 During .MSI installation: Error 1935: An error occurred during the installation of assembly component. Symantec Assembly, Strong Name, Error The assembly specified in the error message is not strongly named. 2009-Dec-17 Symantec
342 How merge module upgrades? Stackoverflow Merge Modules, MSI, Upgrades Merge Modules are part of the MSI they are merged with during the build process. 2009-Aug-19 Michael Urman
341 How does Windows Installer close an application during uninstall? Stackoverflow MSI, Close Applications, RestartManager, Reboot RestartManager is supposed to prevent reboot requirements by closing down applications instead of triggering reboot. 2018-May-10 Michael Urman
340 Single MSI to install correct 32 or 64 bit c# application Stackoverflow Single MSI, Bitness, 32-Bit, 64-Bit Separate packages are needed for different bitness. 2010-Sep-16 Michael Urman
339 InstallShield Build Automation - Different Approaches and mechanisms Stackoverflow IsCmdBuild.exe, Automation Interface, VBScript, Automation InstallShield can be automated in various ways. 2013-Oct-10 Michael Urman
338 Find GUID From MSI File Stackoverflow Package Code, ProductCode, and UpgradeCode, MSI, InstallShield, WiX, Advanced Installer The basic GUIDs of an MSI file. 2012-Jun-29 Michael Urman
337 Programmatically extract contents of InstallShield setup.exe Stackoverflow File Extract, Setup.exe, MSI, InstallShield A quick overview of various ways to extract files from InstallShield setup.exe files. 2012-Jan-01 Michael Urman
336 what makes MSI to choose HKLM/SOFTWARE over HKLM/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node Stackoverflow Bitness, 32-Bit, 64-Bit, Hive 64-Bit setups can contain 32-bit components. 2016-Nov-17 Phil Wilson
335 On package GUIDs in MSI and WiX Stackoverflow Package GUID, MSI, WiX Package GUIDs must always be unique. Why they are exposed, I don't know. 2015-Apr-26 Stein Åsmul
334 A quick introduction: Create an MSI installer with WiX Stackoverflow WiX, MSI, Hello Wix, Hello World This ancient tutorial is still pretty good at showing a basic "Hello WiX" sample. 2010-Dec-08 Moak
333 RegSpy Registry, MSI, WiX, InstallShield, Advanced Installer RegSpy.exe by Phil Wilson allows you to extract COM registration information from binaries - both DLLs and EXE files. 2001-Oct-26 Phil Wilson
332 CMD - An A-Z Index of the Windows command line NT CMD, Command Interpreter, Batch Commands, Shell A long list of NT commands. 2018-Oct-28
331 Windows application registry settings and guidelines Stackoverflow MSI API, Registry, MSI, Resources, Crazytalk, Some lunacy Every now and then one writes an answer that makes no sense when re-discovered. I don't know what I was thinking here. At least it lists information, but relevance is marginal. 2017-Oct-29 Stein Åsmul
330 Revisited: Multiple Instance Installations and Patches Blog Entry MSI, Multi-Instance, Transforms, InstanceTransforms, WiX, MSINEWINSTANCE, TRANSFORMS WiX veteran Yan Sklyarenko blogs on multi-instance transforms and WiX. A complicated topic. 2011-Sep-14 Yan Sklyarenko
329 WiX - Doing a major upgrade on a multi instance install Stackoverflow MSI, Multi-Instance, Transform Multi-Instance MSI installations have several product codes registered via transforms. 2014-Apr-04 Stein Åsmul
328 Enumerate Upgrade Codes of installed products? Stackoverflow MSI API, C#, Enumerate Products, DTF C# snippet to enumerate MSI products. 2015-Apr-10 Chris Painter
327 What does square brackets [ ] syntax mean in WiX Stackoverflow MSI, Formatted Property, Brackets Square brackets are Windows Installer properties. 2014-May-29 Phil Wilson
326 Amazing Resonance Experiment! Fun Youtube, Technology, Digital, Analog The analog and digital world combined before our eyes. 2013-Jun-06 brusspup
325 Uninstall software (C++) Stackoverflow MSI, MSI API, Uninstall Uninstall using C++ and Win32 MSI API calls. 2014-Mar-25 Stein Åsmul
324 Windows Defender Antivirus can now run in a sandbox MSDN Windows Defender Antivirus Windows Defender Antivirus can now run in a sandbox. 2018-Oct-26 Microsoft
323 Getting going with WiX and compiling without Visual Studio Stackoverflow MSI, WiX Adhoc answer on how to compile WiX sources without Visual Studio. 2018-Jun-01 Stein Åsmul
322 Run wix immediate custom action with elevated privileges Stackoverflow MSI, Custom Action, Elevation, Admin Rights, WiX IIS may require elevation outside the MSI file-copy transaction. 2017-Apr-12 Chris Painter
321 Mapping Between JSON and XML Stackoverflow MSI, JSON, XML, WiX, MSDN MSDN on mapping between JSON and XML. 2018-Oct-28 Microsoft
320 What is JSON? Stackoverflow MSI, JSON, WiX, W3C Summary information on Javascript JSON. 2018-Oct-28 W3CSchool
319 What is JSON and why would I use it? Stackoverflow MSI, JSON, WiX Just a trench report from the JSON front? 2008-Dec-20 Andreas Grech
318 How to update a JSON file in an MSI: egandro/wixmvc6 Github MSI, JSON, WiX How to update a JSON file? ReplaceInJsonFile. JsonFileAppsettings. 2016-Jan-29 egandro
317 Update and retain web.config file during upgrade in wix installer Stackoverflow MSI, web.config, WiX, IIS, AppSettings@file, ConnectionStrings@ConfigSource, override file How to speed up the installation or GUI performance for large packages? 2014-Jun-22 Stein Åsmul
316 Wintellect/Paraffin Github MSI, WiX, heat.exe, Components, Paraffin Paraffin is a custom version of WiX's heat.exe - it can generate WiX markup for files and several other things. 2014-Jun-22 Wintellect
315 WiX msi with large number of files takes before welcome dialog is published Stackoverflow MSI, Large Package, Performance, Installation Speed, Tips & Tricks How to speed up the installation or GUI performance for large packages? 2014-Jun-22 Stein Åsmul
314 InstallShield Tips & Tricks Minimizing Reboots on Windows Vista Systems Article MSI, Reboot, RestartManager Minimizing reboots with RestartManager. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
313 Tip: MSI Properties and Deferred Execution Article MSI, Custom Actions, Property, Deferred Mode Accessing properties from deferred mode custom action. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
312 Reading XML Data with a System Search Article MSI, System Search, AppSearch, XML. InstallShield Flexera article on reading XML data with a system search. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
311 Why Windows Installer can only install a single program at a time? Serverfault MSI, Silent, GUI. Multiple msiexec.exe instances, simultaneous installations, mutex. 2014-Jun-22 Stein Åsmul
310 Difference between isntalling a msi using “Invoke-WmiMethod”(via a cmd file) and installing directly on the server Serverfault MSI, Silent, GUI. Running an MSI silently or interactively - what are the technical differences? 2014-Jun-22 Stein Åsmul
309 Is there anyway to get msiexec to echo to stdout instead of logging to a file Serverfault MSI, MSI API, SetExternalGUI, GUI. Using an external GUI for MSI installations. 2014-Jun-24 Stein Åsmul
308 Using Microsoft.Deployment.WindowsInstaller.Installer.ConfigureProduct to uninstall silently? Stackoverflow MSI, .NET, DTF, MSI API. Uninstall an MSI using DTF. 2018-Sep-11 Stein Åsmul
307 How to get a list of installed software products? Stackoverflow MSI, .NET, Interop, Win32, MSI API. Accessing the MSI API via .NET Win32 Interop (without using DTF). 2010-Aug-19 Dirk Vollmar
306 Is it possible to check which MSI packages depend on a specific package? Stackoverflow MSI, VBScript, MSI API, COM, Launchers, Bootstrappers. Can you determine what MSI installations are related? 2017-Dec-17 Stein Åsmul
305 MSI get install arguments from registry Stackoverflow MSI, VBScript, MSI API, COM, Registry Information. Get MSI product information from the registry. 2018-Apr-18 Stein Åsmul
304 Uninstall script not performing correctly Stackoverflow MSI, InstallShield, Suite Project. Uninstalling InstallShield Suites. 2014-Aug-19 Stein Åsmul
303 Powershell: Uninstall application by UpgradeCode Stackoverflow MSI, VBScript, MSI API, RelatedProducts, Uninstall by upgrade code Uninstalling via the MSI API. 2018-Mar-02 Stein Åsmul
302 How to programmatically read the properties inside an MSI file? Stackoverflow MSI, DTF, MSI API. The Deployment Tools Foundation - DTF is a part of the WiX toolkit. A .NET wrapper for the Win32 / COM MSI API. 2018-Feb-07 Stein Åsmul
301 WiX (remove all previous versions) Stackoverflow MSI, Product Code, MSI API, Uninstall. Uninstall MSI via MSI API in various forms: by product code, by upgrade code, bu product name. 2018-Feb-07 Stein Åsmul
300 Wix upgrade goes into maintenance mode and never does upgrade Stackoverflow MSI, Product Code, Installations, MSI API. List installed products via VBScript to identify duplicate installations. 2018-Feb-07 Stein Åsmul
299 ADDLOCAL=FEATURE1 in MSI installer removes other FEATURES Stackoverflow MSI, Features, MSI API. Get a list of feature installation state via VBScript. 2018-Feb-07 Stein Åsmul
298 Is there an alternative to GUID when using msiexec to uninstall an application? Stackoverflow MSI, COM, Win32, .NET, MSI API. Uninstall an MSI product via VBScript and product name only. 2018-Feb-07 Stein Åsmul
297 Finding Installed Applications with VC++ Blog Entry C++, MSI, MSI API Finding Installed Applications with VC++ via WMI and Win32. 2011-May-01 Marius Bancila
296 Uninstalling program Stackoverflow MSI, COM, Win32, .NET, DTF. Uninstall an MSI product via DTF. 2018-Feb-05 Stein Åsmul
295 Marius Bancila - leading C++ Expert Github C++ Marius Bancila, Romania. 2018-Oct-28 Marius Bancila
294 Windows Installer Error Messages MSDN MSI, Error Codes, MSDN Microsoft, MSDN, Windows Installer Error Codes 2018-Oct-28 Microsoft
293 C++ Application That Uses MSI Automation API 32 and 64bit Stackoverflow MSI, COM, Win32, .NET. C++ MSI API 2018-Feb-05 Marek
292 Is MsiOpenProduct the correct way to read properties from an installed product? Stackoverflow MSI, COM, Win32, .NET. The MSI API can be accessed and used in an number of different ways. N.B! Using the approach shown here with the Session object will cause the temp folder to be filled with one log file per installed MSI if automatic logging is enabled! 2018-Feb-05 Stein Åsmul
291 The MSI API: COM, Win32, .NET. Is it possible to disable msiexec help GUI? Serverfault MSI, COM, Win32, .NET. The MSI API can be accessed and used in an number of different ways. 2014-May-16 Stein Åsmul
290 WiX installer update process and confirmation dialog Stackoverflow MSI, Major Upgrade, VBScript, Warn User on Major Upgrade Show a message to the user to confirm that they want to run a major upgrade. 2018-Jan-05 Stein Åsmul
289 WiX installer ICE03 Invalid Language Id Stackoverflow MSI, ICE, Language ICE03 validation explained. 2014-Jun-17 Stein Åsmul
288 Windows Installer PowerShell Module Github Windows Installer PowerShell Module, Powershell, MSI PowerShell modules for Windows Installer by a Microsoft employee and industry leader. 2018-Oct-28 Heath Stewart
287 About Windows Installer PowerShell Module Stackoverflow Windows Installer PowerShell Module, Powershell, MSI PowerShell modules for Windows Installer by a Microsoft employee and industry leader. 2018-Jun-05 Stein Åsmul
286 ASCII / Unicode Table ASCII, Unicode, Encoding A quick table of ASCII and Unicode encoding. 2018-Nov-03
285 Laniakea: Our home supercluster Fun Galaxies, Universe Laniakea: Our home supercluster. 2014-Sep-03 Stein Åsmul
284 Github MSI, MSIX, AppX WiX Toolset. 2018-Oct-28 WiX Toolset
283 Github Squirrel, ClickOnce, Windows Deployment, Deployment Tool, Packaging "Squirrel: It's like ClickOnce but Works" 2014-Sep-27 Various
282 Debugging Application Launch (EXE file is not working) Stackoverflow Debugging, Application Lauch, Service Start, Dependencies, Credentials, Hard-Coded References, Architecture, Runtime Dependencies Debugging applications that will not launch after installation - a list of things to investigate. 2018-Feb-07 Stein Åsmul
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277 Packaging ActiveX Controls with Wix MSI Stackoverflow MSI MSI, ActiveX 2014-Oct-04 Stein Åsmul
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267 What are the constraints with regards to version numbers when using installshield and msi Stackoverflow MSI, Version Numbers, InstallShield Version numbers in MSI have a number of weird restrictions that cause all kinds of problems. 2014-Oct-02 Michael Urman
266 Deploying Native Desktop Applications (Visual C++) Microsoft Docs MSIX Microsoft, MSVCRedist, Runtime, Redistributable. 2018-May-08 Microsoft
265 Mailbag: How to detect the presence of the Visual C++ 2010 redistributable package Blog Entry MSI, MSVCRedist, Runtime, redistributable Checking if Visual Studio runtime is installed. 2010-May-05 Aaron Stebner
264 Mailbag: How to perform a silent install of the Visual C++ 2010 redistributable packages Blog Entry MSI, MSVCRedist, Runtime, redistributable Silent installation of this essential Microsoft runtime. 2010-Oct-20 Aaron Stebner
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260 Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (x86) Installsite Forum MSI MSVCRedist, Runtime, redistributable 2018-Oct-28 Stein Åsmul
259 Restart Manager: Avoid FileinUse dialog box when Installing a package Stackoverflow MSI, Reboot, RestartManager, FileInUse Dialog The RestartManager should be fully understood by all setup developers and packagers. It essentially restarts applications rather than the OS. 2018-Jun-19 Stein Åsmul
258 MSIX documentation Microsoft Docs MSIX Microsoft MSIX documentation. 2018-May-08 Microsoft
257 MSIX - First look and my two cents! Blog Entry MSIX First impressions with MSIX. 2018-May-08 Priya Saxena
256 What is the compression method used by MSI files? Stackoverflow Compression, MSI, MSZip, LZX Several different types of compression (or no compreesion) are handled by Windows Installer for MSI files. 2011-Jun-11 Stein Åsmul
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246 SC.EXE Core Technologies MSI, Services, Windows, SC.EXE Essential Tools for Windows Services: SC.EXE 2014-Apr-30 Core Technologies
245 Top 10 differences between a Windows Service and a regular application Core Technologies MSI, Services, Windows There are crucial differences between a service and a regular executable. 2018-Oct-28 Core Technologies
244 Windows Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Core Technologies MSI, Services, Windows Windows services, the common questions and issues. 2018-Oct-28 Core Technologies
243 Flexera / InstallShield support links Flexera MSI, Flexera, InstallShield, Support Links Support links. 2008-Aug-01 Flexera
242 Windows Installer Best Practices Microsoft MSI, Windows Installer, Best Practice Windows Installer Best Practice. 2018-May-31 Microsoft
241 Designing an Update - Friendly MSI Installation Flexera MSI, Flexera, Upgrade MSI Upgrades. 2010-Jan-01 Flexera
240 Tip: User Interface Levels for MSI Installations Flexera MSI, Flexera, GUI, UILevel, Silent, Basic An MSI can run with several different GUI levels - in other degrees of "silentness". 2008-Aug-01 Flexera
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233 Software Update Postmortem: Bruises and Lessons Learned Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, Upgrade, InstallShield Being able to upgrade your software might be the most important requirement for your deployment process. Often neglected. 2014-Jun-15 Flexera
232 Easy XML Searches with InstallShield Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, XML, InstallShield An overview on how to use the System Search Wizard for Basic MSI projects to search for an XML file and read data from it. 2015-Dec-17 Flexera
231 Get Started with Docker on Windows Server 2016 Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, Docker Docker. 2017-Feb-08 Flexera
230 Troubleshooting Issues by Logging a Suite Installation Blog Entry MSI, Flexera Logging Suite Projects. 2011-Oct-20 Josh Stechnij
229 Choosing Your Project Type: Basic MSI, InstallScript, or InstallScript MSI Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, InstallShield, Project Type What InstallShield project type to chose from. 2010-Nov-04 Flexera
228 It Wants Me to do What? Some Notes on CustomActionData in InstallShield Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, Custom Actions, Deferred Mode, CustomActionData Deferred mode custom actions and CustomActionData is a complex MSI mechanism. 2011-Jun-10 Flexera
227 Setting Permissions in Windows Installer: MSILockPermissionsEX and ISLockPermissions Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, Permissions, ACL Using MSILockPermissionsEX and ISLockPermissions. 2010-Nov-16 Flexera
226 Modifying the File-Transfer Behavior for MSIs Flexera MSI, Flexera, File Overwrite, REINSTALLMODE, companion files, RemoveFile File overwrite rules with Windows Installer is complex and can be unpredictable. 2010-Jan-01 Flexera
225 InstallShield Tip: How to Modify the File-Transfer Behavior for MSIs Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, File Overwrite, REINSTALLMODE, companion files, RemoveFile File overwrite rules with Windows Installer is complex and can be unpredictable. 2015-Mar-12 Flexera
224 Avoid MSI Property Values Surprises Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, Properties, Preserving MSI Property persisting, or lack thereof. 2015-May-08 Flexera
223 InstallShield Tip: Saving MSI property values to make them available after the initial installation Article MSI, Flexera, Properties, Preserving Persisting properties in the registry using InstallShield. Also see entry 107 for WiX approach. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
222 Microsoft App-V: What Software Developers Need to Know Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, AppV, App-V App-V is already at end of development. 2014-Oct-08 Flexera
221 MSI Tip: Informing the User When a Major Upgrade Will Take Place Article MSI, Flexera, Major Upgrades Adapting your installer to warn about major upgrade taking place. 2018-Nov-22 Robert Dickau
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219 Start Your App Modernization Journey with Microsoft’s MSIX Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, MSIX MSIX is an emerging packaging format as of 2019. 2018-Jun-12 Venkat Ram Donga
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208 How Do I Build MSI, UWP and WSA App Packages from the Same Project? Find Answers in the What’s New in InstallShield 2016 Q&A Blog Entry MSI, Flexera MSI, UWP, WSA, Sideloading 2016-Oct-14 Flexera
207 Using InstallShield to Create an Installation that Installs Windows Services Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, Services Installing servies is often done improperly. 2014-Oct-02 Hidenori Yamanishi
206 Cleaning Up Your Shared DLLs Registry References for MSIs Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, Cleanup, HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs The legacy shared DLLs reference counting in the registry can be corrupted and need cleaning. Here is how. 2010-Nov-18 Matt St.Clair Bishop
205 Building 32-Bit and 64-Bit Installations from the Same InstallShield Project Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, 32-bit, 64-bit, Bitness Handling bitness. 2011-Jan-31 Flexera
204 Using MSI Launch Conditions to Prevent Installation on Unsupported Windows Platforms Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, LaunchConditions LaunchConditions are complex, but can help prevent installation on undesired platforms. 2010-Nov-10 Alan Burns
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202 Flexera and Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge: The Basics Blog Entry MSI, Flexera, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app package Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge is a set of technologies that enables you to convert your Windows desktop application to the modern Windows app packaging format. 2017-Apr-05 Flexera
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200 Automate ‘Almost’ Every Packaging Step Blog Entry Packaging, Flexera Automation. 2013-Jun-16 Ravi Mazumdar
199 App-V 5.1 Q & A Blog Entry AppV, Flexera AppV. 2016-Mar-03 Flexera
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197 Virtual Trade Show – Preparing for Windows 7 End of Life Blog Entry Windows 7 MSIX. 2018-Jun-08 Paul Pieske
196 Big Buzz on Microsoft’s MSIX—InstallShield is Ready Blog Entry MSIS MSIX. 2018-Sep-24 Nicole Segerer
195 MSIX Customization Packages: Transforms Blog Entry MSIS, Transforms How transforms work in MSIX. 2018-Oct-03 Bob Kelly
194 How To: Install the Visual C++ Redistributable with your installer WiX WiX, MSI, FireGiant, VCRedist, C++, C, Burn How to install VCRedist with WiX and Burn. 2008-Jan-01 WiX Toolset
193 WiX behaving badly on XP machine with windows update issues Stackoverflow MSI, Windows Update, XP Problems with Windows Update and MSI. 2018-Mar-28 Stein Åsmul
192 WIX merge c++ runtime Stackoverflow MSI, VSRedist, C++, Runtime, Visual Studio, Universal CRT The EXE wrapper for the Visual Studio C++ Redistributable is recommended over the merge modules due to Universal CRT issues. Prefer the EXE bundle to distribute the latest Visual Studio runtimes. 2018-Jul-19 Stein Åsmul
191 Distributable Code for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (Includes Utilities, Extensibility, and BuildServer Files) Microsoft docs MSVCRedist, Visual Studio, Runtime, MFC, C++, C, Redistributables Various downloads for Visual Studio 2017. 2018-Mar-21 Microsoft
190 MSIX: The New Super Package? Blog Entry MSIX MSIX is an emerging packaging and deployment technology as of 2019. 2018-Aug-08 Bob Kelly
189 Simplifying WiX component authoring Blog Entry WiX, MSI, Components, GUIDs, Auto-GUIDs Multi threading for WiX builds. Multiple cabs, etc... 2014-May-11 Bob Arnson
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187 Getting shelf space in the Store Blog Entry WiX, MSI, Metro, Store, Windows 8 Desktop apps can be visible in the store. 2012-Feb-01 Bob Arnson
186 Certification requirements for Windows Desktop Apps Microsoft WiX, MSI, Desktop Applications, Windows 8 Same old in Windows 8 for MSI. 2015-Jul-29 Microsoft
185 Same as it ever was Blog Entry WiX, MSI, Metro, AppX, Windows 8 Same old in Windows 8 for MSI. 2011-Sep-15 Bob Arnson
184 WiX and cabinetry Blog Entry WiX, MSI, CAB, Cabinet, Uncle WiX and cabinet files. The untold story. 2011-Mar-26 Bob Arnson
183 Goodbye and hello again Blog Entry WiX, MSI, Uncle Arnson resigns from Microsoft and starts interviewing himself with excellent "Arnson-terseness" (TM). 2011-Mar-26 Bob Arnson
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180 My philsophical musings about building setup for software Blog Entry MSI, Setup, Philosophy Rob Mensching's philosophies on setup creation. 2005-Mar-01 Rob Mensching
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178 InstallShield Tip: Accessing the MSI Database at Run Time Article MSI, Runtime, Temporary Records, Accessing Database Accessing the database at runtime. 2010-Aug-08 Robert Dickau
177 “Hide” Features Based on ALLUSERS / MSIINSTALLPERUSER Stackoverflow MSI, Per-User, ALLUSERS, MSIINSTALLPERUSER Per-User installation with MSI is challenging. 2018-Oct-08 Stein Åsmul
176 How to Interpret Windows Installer Logs Blog Entry MSI, URL, Shortcut URL shortcuts. 2007-Apr-02 Richard Macdonald
175 How do I create an Internet (URL) Shortcut? Article MSI, URL, Shortcut URL shortcuts. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
174 How do I create a shortcut to my uninstaller? Article MSI, Shortcut A common request, create a shortcut to uninstall the application. Not recommended in newer Windows versions. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
173 Data Driven Managed Custom Actions made easy with DTF Blog Entry MSI, Data Driven Custom Actions, DTF Using custom tables to drive custom actions yields a massively flexible custom action approach. 2008-May-19 Chris Painter
172 Deciphering the MSI Directory table, part 1 Blog Entry MSI, Directory Table, Properties Rob Mensching, the creator of WiX and the first post in an old classic series of posts on the Directory table. 2005-Jun-21 Rob Mensching
171 Deployment Tools Foundation (DTF) Managed Custom Actions Blog Entry MSI, DTF Using DTF for MSI Custom Actions. 2008-May-18 Chris Painter
170 A brief history of the Deployment Tools Foundation project Blog Entry MSI, DTF DTF became part of the WiX Toolset. 2008-May-16 Jason Ginchereau
169 How do I prevent the FilesInUse Dialog from displaying? Article MSI, FilesInUse, Reboot, Reboot Manager A relatively common request is to hide the FilesInUse Dialog. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
168 How do I write square brackets to the registry? MSI, Registry, Escape Characters Registry escape characters. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
167 How do I set a property to an environment variable? Article MSI, Environment Variable, Properties Assigning an environment variable to a property via a type 51 custom action. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
166 How can I create Custom Actions in Managed Languages, like C#? Article MSI, Custom Actions, Managed Code Managed code custom actions are error prone. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
165 How do I detect if the user has selected a feature? MSI, GUIDs, Feature, Selection, REINSTALLMODE, REINSTALL The nature of Feature-Action Conditions. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
164 How do I create a log file of my installation? MSI, Logging, Debugging How to create a simple log file for an MSI installation, and how to enable logging for all installations. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
163 What are the limits for a large MSI package? Article MSI, Files, Components, Size There are limits when it comes to number of files and components in an MSI. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
162 Windows Installer launches unexpectedly, for no obvious reason MSI, Self-Repair, Resiliency Self-repair and its debugging explained by Stefan Krüger. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
161 I want to install an MSI twice Serverfault MSI, Multi-Instance Transforms, Instances, AppV, Virtualization, Virtuals Windows Installer does not lend itself to install several instances of the same application. 2009-Sep-19 Stein Åsmul
160 How to implement ActiveSetup Outdated MSI, Registry, Settings, ActiveSetup ActiveSetup is no longer recommended to use, but here is a technical description. 2001-Jan-01 Ed Tippelt
159 Updating every profile's registry on Windows Server 2003 (ActiveSetup) Stackoverflow MSI, Registry, Settings, ActiveSetup ActiveSetup is no longer recommended to use, but here is a technical description. 2009-Sep-15 Stein Åsmul
158 Why you should avoid using MSI packages for registry settings deployment Serverfault MSI, Registry, Settings, Problems, Ripping Out Settings, There are many problems associated with MSI registry settings deployment. 2011-Jun-03 Stein Åsmul
157 How can I speed up MSI package install and uninstall? Serverfault MSI, Speed Up Installation Some tricks for speeding up MSI installations. 2014-May-12 Stein Åsmul
156 Common design problems in MSI files Serverfault MSI, Common Design Problems A detailed description of corporate advantages of MSI. 2011-May-27 Stein Åsmul
155 The corporate benefits of using MSI files Serverfault MSI, Corporate Benfits A detailed description of corporate advantages of MSI. 2011-May-27 Stein Åsmul
154 Make WIX installer place files in AppData Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Permissions, Per-User, Ethereum Handling per-user files. 2018-Oct-02 Stein Åsmul
153 C++ MSI Package Administative Privileges Stackoverflow MSI, GUI, WiX, ACL, Permissions How to handle access denied on launch? 2018-May-23 Stein Åsmul
152 How to deny folder permission to Users with wix installer Stackoverflow MSI, GUI, WiX, ACL, Permissions How to handle access denied on launch? 2018-Mar-29 Stein Åsmul
151 System.UnauthorizedAccessException while running .exe under program files Stackoverflow MSI, GUI, WiX, ACL, Permissions, Elevate, Admin Rights, User Profile, Online Settings, Service, Impersonate, Virtualization, Data Redirection How to handle access denied on launch? There are many different approaches. 2018-May-29 Stein Åsmul
150 How to choose a default option when Advanced Installer try to install a program which has been installed in Windows? Stackoverflow MSI, GUI, WiX, ADDLOCAL, msiexec.exe, Advanced Installer Controling what features are installed. 2018-Oct-12 Stein Åsmul
149 Wix, custom dialog when previous version exists Stackoverflow MSI, GUI, WiX, Dialog Sequence How do you modify a WiX dialog sequence? 2018-Oct-11 Stein Åsmul
148 Wix Installer Registry Search Fails Stackoverflow MSI, Properties, Secure, Registry Search, AppSearch Why would a registry search fail? 2018-Oct-10 Stein Åsmul
147 Why msiexec TARGETDIR doesn't seem to work Stackoverflow MSI, TARGETDIR, msiexec.exe Some hints for how to interpret Windows Installer log files. 2018-Oct-10 Stein Åsmul
146 Tips for interpreting an MSI log file Stackoverflow MSI, Logging, Value3 Some hints for how to interpret Windows Installer log files. 2018-Feb-28 Stein Åsmul
145 C# code to uninstall the InstallShield setup - find shared components Stackoverflow MSI, Shared Components, Component GUID, DTF, MSI-API, VBScript You can find what products share a component via VBScript. 2018-Oct-07 Stein Åsmul
144 Burn, InstallShield, Advanced Installer - Removing Default dialogs from MSI Stackoverflow MSI, Burn, Bootstrapper Application, InstallShield, Advanced Installer Custom WiX and MSI GUI. 2018-Jun-30 Stein Åsmul
143 What is the best practice to auto upgrade MSI based application? Stackoverflow MSI, Update, AppX, MSIX, ClickOnce, Auto-Upgrade There are several approaches to updating your packages. 2018-Jun-30 Stein Åsmul
142 Changing text color to Wix dialogs Stackoverflow MSI, GUI, WiX, External GUI, Burn, Customize Dialogs, Change GUI, WiX Default GUI-Sets, Built-In WiX Dialog Customization, Change Default Dialogs WiX dialog modification. Changing text color. 2018-Oct-06 Stein Åsmul
141 MSI register dll - Self-Registration considered harmful Stackoverflow MSI, regsvr32.exe, Self-registration, Problems, Dependencies, Bitness, Per-user COM, COM Self-registration woes. 2011-May-26 Stein Åsmul
140 Why does Regsvr32 work on one machine but not the other Stackoverflow MSI, regsvr32.exe, Self-registration, Problems, Dependencies, Bitness, Per-user COM, COM Self-registration woes. 2018-Oct-02 Stein Åsmul
139 Error: a certificate chain processed,but terminated in a root error .Net Framework 4.7 Stackoverflow MSI, .NET, Burn Known error with root certificate update required for .NET installation. Issue installing the .NET Framework 4.7 2018-Oct-02 Stein Åsmul
138 Generate WIX authoring files to contain multiple files under a single component Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Paraffin, Heat, Component Referencing Dealing with large packages by using multiple files per component. 2018-Apr-03 Stein Åsmul
137 Wix default folder dialog Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Burn, GUI On customizing MSI GUI. Use of Burn for GUI. MsiSetExternalUI 2018-Apr-03 Stein Åsmul
136 How to create windows installer Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Advanced Installer, InstallShield, PACE Suite Information on various tools, list of primary MSI benefits, notes on emerging packaging formats. 2018-Apr-03 Stein Åsmul
135 Simple list of Windows Installer Tools Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Advanced Installer, InstallShield, PACE Suite A quick list of the major deployment tools available to create MSI installers. 2018-May-08 Stein Åsmul
134 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects Microsoft MSI, Visual Studio Installer Projects The simple GUI addin for Visual Studio to create installer projects. 2017-Sep-02 Microsoft
133 How do I avoid triggering MSI self-repair with my WiX / MSI package? Stackoverflow MSI, Self-Repair, WiX Self-Repair the scourge of society. 2017-Aug-23 Stein Åsmul
132 What do I do when launching an application triggers repeating, endless Windows Installer self-repair? Stackoverflow MSI, Self-Repair Self-Repair the scourge of society. 2011-May-12 Stein Åsmul
131 Why does the MSI installer reconfigure if I delete a file? Stackoverflow MSI, Self-Repair Self-Repair the scourge of society. 2011-May-12 Stein Åsmul
130 Visual Studio 2015 msi build initiates another installation Stackoverflow MSI, Self-Repair, Resiliency, Self-Healing Including MSM in patch. 2018-Oct-18 Stein Åsmul
129 MSI Custom Action Attach Debugger (WiXsharp debug custom action in console) Stackoverflow MSI, Debug, Custom Actions, Debugging, Debug, Application Launch Debugging Ways to invoke debugger in Visual Studio for custom actions. 2018-Oct-18 Stein Åsmul
128 InstallShield LaunchAppAndWait nltest Stackoverflow MSI, InstallShield, nltest.exe, Domain, Active Directory, Custom Actions, NTDSAPI.dll, LOGONCLI.DLL, DsGetDomainControllerInfo, DsEnumerateDomainTrusts, WOW64FSREDIRECTION, Sysnative, WINSYSDIR64 Interacting with Active Directory in installer. 2018-Oct-22 Stein Åsmul
127 An A-Z Index of the Linux command line: bash + utilities Linux, Commands, Bash, Utilities An alphabetic list of Linux commands. 2018-Nov-22
126 How to include MSM into a MSP with WiX Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, MSM, Patch, Merge Module Including MSM in patch. 2018-Oct-23 Stein Åsmul
125 CustomAction DriverPackageInstall failing with 0x80030005 Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Driver Debugging driver installation. 2018-Oct-15 Stein Åsmul
124 Run Wix Custom action only during uninstall and not during Major upgrade Stackoverflow MSI, WiX UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE and WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED. The latter equals InstallShield's IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE. 2018-Jun-28 Stein Åsmul
123 WiX ACL Permissioning - the various elements (mid page) Stackoverflow MSI, WiX Applying custom ACL permissions in WiX projects. 2018-Mar-16 Stein Åsmul
122 Change file permissions - Windows Installer Visual Studio Projects Stackoverflow MSI, ACL, Permission, Folder, Files Applying custom ACL permissions in Visual Studio Installer Projects. 2018-Oct-25 Phil Wilson
121 WIX: Giving Permissions to a folder Stackoverflow WiX, MSI, ACL, Permission, Folder, Files Applying custom ACL permissions. 2010-Nov-24 Various
120 Microsoft/Windows-classic-samples Github Samples, Classic, Windows The Windows Classic github samples from Raymond Chen. 2000-Jan-01 Raymond Chen
119 Step-by-Step minimal WiX project in Visual Studio Stackoverflow MSI, WiX What you need to change in the default Visual Studio WiX template in order to build your own package. 2017-Dec-25 Stein Åsmul
118 Preserve existing file during upgrade Stackoverflow MSI, InstallShield, WiX, Advanced Installer Preserving changed files during upgrades. 2018-Feb-06 Stein Åsmul
117 Using the InstallShield Automation Interface via VBScript Stackoverflow MSI, InstallShield, Automation Simple VBScript / ActiveScripting automation can "remote control" InstallShield for build processes and similar. 2017-Dec-31 Stein Åsmul
116 Windows Dev Center - Samples Microsoft UWP, Classic Desktop Apps, Code Samples Learn how to build great apps for Windows by experimenting with our samples. These samples show you how features work and help you jumpstart your own Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and classic desktop apps. 2018-Nov-22 Microsoft
115 Visual Studio Setup – projects and custom actions Article MSI Visual Studio Setup Projects have poor handling of several things, including custom actions. 2005-Jun-07 Phil Wilson
114 MMC Snap-ins MMC Different MMC snap-ins. 2018-Oct-25
113 Chanyong-Park / wixtoolsetsample Github MSI, WiX A github sample of a WiX project of some size. 2017-Jun-20 Chanyong-Park
112 Debug service start failures FireGiant MSI, WiX, Service, Start Failures, Debug Debugging server start failures can be a challenge. Here are some debugging hints. 2016-Jan-01 FireGiant
111 Service or Application Startup Crash or General Failure Stackoverflow Application Launch Debugging, Service Start Debugging, MSI, WiX, Service, Start Failures, Debug, Debugging One does not always have the source code avaialble to step through code to make a deployment package. Here is a check list with ideas for what can cause your service or application startup failure. 2018-Apr-03 Stein Åsmul
110 What can cause missing or inaccessible source error messages for an MSI? Stackoverflow MSI, Missing Source, System Restore Every so often an MSI is un-uninstallable or not possible to run in maintenance mode because the source files and / or the cached MSI source is missing. There are many potential causes. 2018-May-23 Stein Åsmul
109 Why are false malware positives (almost) worse than real malware? Stackoverflow MSI, Malware, False Positives False positives is a growing deployment problem. The digital information highway is unsafe these days. 2018-Oct-25 Stein Åsmul
108 Classic-WiX-Burn-Theme Github Burn, WiX sample, GUI, Bootstrapper Excellent WiX Burn samples. 2008-Jan-02 Morten Frederiksen
107 The WiX toolset's "Remember Property" pattern. Blog Entry MSI, WiX, Properties, Persistent Excellent blog article on the issue of persisting MSI properties for maintenance, upgrade and uninstall operations. 2010-May-02 Rob Mensching
106 MSIX Tutorial: A comprehensive 24-chapter guide Advanced Installer MSIX Crash course introduction to the new MSIX packaging format and technology from Microsoft. 2008-Jan-01 Bogdan Mitrache
105 Introducing Component Firmware Update in #Windows10 Tweet Firmware, Malware Important issue to be aware of. 2018-Oct-18 Steven Thomas
104 MSI Tip: Authoring an ICE using C# / DTF Blog Entry MSI, DTF, ICE, C# ICE are internal consistency validators - scripts that check MSI files for compliance to standards and rules. 2009-Feb-15 Chris Painter
103 Build and Deploy a .NET COM Assembly Article .NET, COM, Assembly, MSI Deploying .NET assemblies that require COM registration. 2016-Feb-01 Phil Wilson
102 Updates to setup projects Article MSI, Updates, Visual Studio Installer Projects On how to implement MSI updates. 2005-Jun-18 Phil Wilson
101 Getting Started With Setup Projects Article MSI, Visual Studio Installer projects Visual Studio Installer projects feature basic functionality to create MSI files. 2016-Feb-01 Phil Wilson
100 Wix Toolset: How to determine installation mode in a Custom Action Stackoverflow WiX, MSI Visual Studio Installer projects. 2018-Apr-05 Phil Wilson
99 Bootstrap Manifest Generator Stackoverflow MSI, Visual Studio Installer projects, Bootstrap Manifest Generator. Visual Studio Installer projects. 2018-Jun-21 Phil Wilson
98 Limitations of the Visual Studio Installer Project type Stackoverflow MSI, Visual Studio Installer Project Visual Studio Installer projects have a number of limitations that should be known to whoever use them. 2017-Dec-22 Stein Åsmul
97 Tao of the Windows Installer, Part 1 Blog Entry MSI, Windows Installer, msiexec.exe Multi-part TAO of the Windows Installer. This is a link to the first part, the other parts are linked from part 1. 2006-May-01 zhakim
96 VBScript Websites and Books VBScript, Links, Help Resources A list of books and web sites with resources for VBScript. 2018-Nov-03
95 Dependency Walker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Documentation Dependencies, Win32 Win32 Dependency Walker tool's FAQ pages. 2000-Jan-01 Steve P. Miller
94 Dependency Walker Help Contents Documentation Dependencies, Win32 Win32 Dependency Walker tool's help pages. 2000-Jan-01 Steve P. Miller
93 Types of Dependencies Handled By Dependency Walker Documentation Dependencies, Win32 Excellent and short summary of different forms of Win32 and COM dependencies (and .NET). 2000-Jan-01 Steve P. Miller
92 How do I force my .NET application to run as administrator? Stackoverflow Admin Rights, Manifest, UAC This is really not recommended as it is a massive security hole. 2010-May-12 Hans Passant
91 InstallShield Tip: Was the MSI Setup Launched from Setup.exe? Blog Entry Setup.exe, MSI, InstallShield, Flexera Sometimes you need to know what launched the MSI. 2016-Jun-23 Flexera
90 Installer created by VS 2008 deployment project fails with error “System.BadImageFormatException” Stackoverflow System.BadImageFormatException, Visual Studio Installer Project, 32-bit, 64-bit System.BadImageFormatException can have several causes. 2018-Sep-29 Stein Åsmul
89 How to pass the Windows Defender SmartScreen Protection? Stackoverflow Windows Defender, SmartScreen Avoiding the SmartScreen in Windows Defender is a matter of trust. 2018-Feb-16 Stein Åsmul
88 Additional Setup in Visual Studio Installer Projects Stackoverflow MSI, Visual Studio Installer project Visual Studio projects and prerequisites. 2018-Jun-21 Stein Åsmul
87 How to figure out what a strange error code means? Stackoverflow MSI, Custom Actions, Win32, Errors, Magic Number Database There are many ways you can try to determine what an error code really means. 2018-Sep-29 Stein Åsmul
86 Are applications dependent on the environment where it was compiled? Stackoverflow MSI, Managed Code, Custom Actions, Crazytalk Problems with managed code custom actions. This answer is out of control and ended up as a long rant. 2018-Jan-26 Stein Åsmul
85 Visual Assist Tool Code Refactoring, Code Improvement One of the leading tools for syntax highlighting, Intellisense improvements, refactoring features, etc... 2018-Nov-03 Stein Åsmul
84 How can I get more system drive space? Stackoverflow MSI, Caching, Disk Space The black art of cleaning out system drive disk space as safely as possible - long version. All kinds of more or less insane options. 2018-Mar-18 Stein Åsmul
83 How can I get more system drive space? How can I eliminate the huge, cached MSI files in C:\Windows\Installer? Serverfault MSI, Caching, Disk Space The black art of cleaning out system drive disk space as safely as possible. 2014-Nov-05 Stein Åsmul
82 MSI Tip: How to Reuse a CustomAction for Deferred and Rollback Blog Entry MSI, Custom Actions, Deferred Mode, Rollback Using one custom action for both implementation and rollback. Will this work once the CA fails? Will it then re-initialize the function and run rollback? 2009-Feb-19 Chris Painter
81 Beam Me Up: Using JSON to serialize CustomActionData Blog Entry MSI, Custom Actions, Deferred Mode, JSON Chris revolutionizes CustomActionData turning it into a JSON string featuring framework-based serialization / deserialization. Excellent! 2011-Mar-12 Chris Painter
80 Redemption of Visual Studio Deployment Projects Blog Entry MSI, Visual Studio Installer Projects Chris has a breakdown of logic and starts recommending Visual Studio Installer projects! 2011-Mar-12 Chris Painter
79 Is there any possible way to perform upgrade when Product codes for old and new versions are same? Stackoverflow MSI, Patching Minor upgrades are less than ideal, unfortunately. A drill-down of some of the limitations - with links. 2018-Jun-20 Stein Åsmul
78 .NET managed dll custom actions in InstallShield 2018 Stackoverflow MSI, .NET, Managed Code, Custom Actions, MakeSfxCA.exe, InstallShield, WiX, Inject Custom Action, Orca, Direct Editor On using DTF managed code custom actions in InstallShield. 2018-Sep-13 Stein Åsmul
77 MSP vs. MSI packaging. Which to use for patches? Stackoverflow MSI, Patching Patching is complicated. 2012-Aug-29 Stein Åsmul
76 Windows Installer “Error 1308. Source file not found” when uninstalling patch in sequence scenario Stackoverflow MSI, Patching Patching is complicated. 2014-May-03 Stein Åsmul
75 How can I compare the content of two (or more) MSI files? Stackoverflow MSI, SQL, Diff, Orca, Super Orca, WiDiffDb.vbs, dark.exe, Compare Files, WiX, InstallShield, Wise, Advanced Installer On the nature of MSI files and how to compare their content. Written for developers. See entry 645 for the same information written for system administrators. 2018-Jan-28 Stein Åsmul
74 Microsoft / msix-packaging Github MSIX, AppX, AppV Open source repository for MSIX. 2017-Sep-14 Microsoft Github
73 Windows Installer Updates and Patches Article MSI, Patching Good content on Windows Installer Updates and Patches. 2000-Jan-01 Stefan Krüger
72 The Future of Windows Installer (MSI) in the Light of Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform Blog Entry MSI, UWP, AppX, AppV And aging, but still interesting article. 2016-Feb-01 Stefan Krüger
71 GenChr.cmd - Generate ASCII / Unicode Character ASCII, Unicode, Encoding Generate the ASCII/Unicode character for any byte value. The output is a file: bytevalue.chr. 2018-Nov-03
70 How to get MSI Installer to run some code on uninstall of a service Stackoverflow MSI, Custom Actions, Uninstall Running custom actions on uninstall. 2018-May-02 Stein Åsmul
69 The VBScript-to-Windows PowerShell Conversion Guide Microsoft Docs VBScript, PowerShell, Conversion Guide Converting VBScripts to PowerShell. 2009-Nov-12 Microsoft Docs
68 Neil Sleightholm WiX Blogs Blogger MSI, WiX, WiX Sample Landing page for WiX blogs. 2012-Oct-03 Neil Sleightholm
67 WiX Burn Tips & Tricks Article MSI, WiX Sample, Burn Sample Some tips and tricks for making WiX Burn Bundles. 2008-Aug-01 Neil Sleightholm
66 Rainer Stropek's WiX Samples on Github Github MSI, WiX Sample Several thorough WiX samples. 2013-Jan-01 Rainer Stropek
65 Real-World Example: WiX/MSI Application Installer Article MSI, WiX Sample A full, real-world WiX sample. 2008-Aug-01 Helge Klein
64 From MSI to WiX Blog Entry MSI, WiX Sample Despite its age, this is one of the better tutorials for WiX. 2008-Feb-10 Alex Shevchuk
63 MSIX: Slightly more detail about what might be something huge but probably won't be Blog Entry MSIX, MSI, AppX, AppV MSIX is the latest and greatest as of autumn 2018. This article discusses the technology. 2018-May-19 Bob Arnson
62 Why “and NOT installed” when running an app after install with Wix? Stackoverflow MSI, Conditions Another ad-hoc answer on conditions. 2018-Apr-12 Stein Åsmul
61 How to add a WiX custom action that happens only on uninstall (via MSI)? Article MSI, Conditions Some pragmatic conditions advice. 2008-Nov-26 Various
60 How to execute custom action only in install (not uninstall) Stackoverflow MSI, Conditions Some suggested MSI conditons. 2009-Feb-11 Sascha Beaumont
59 Setup.exe return values Article MSI, Setup.exe, InstallShield Setup.exe Return Values and Run-Time Errors (InstallScript Projects). 2008-Aug-01 Flexera
58 Silent Installation Flexera MSI, Silent Installation, InstallShield About silent installations. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
57 MSI Tip: Writing to the Log File from a Custom Action. Flexera MSI, Custom Action, Logging, InstallShield Various ways to write to the log file from custom actions of different types. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
56 I Take It All Back: Using Windows Installer (MSI) Rollback Actions Blog Entry MSI, Rollback Custom Actions, InstallShield Rollback custom actions are complicated. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
55 Your Wish Is My Command Prompt Blog Entry MSI, Command Line, Custom Actions, InstallShield Preventing command prompts from popping up during installation. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
54 Just Be Yourself: Understanding Windows Installer (MSI) Custom Action Contexts Blog Entry MSI, Impersonation, Deferred Mode, System Context, InstallShield Explanation of the complex impersonation that happens during an MSI installation. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
53 Tell Me About It: Showing Action Messages During Software Installation Blog Entry MSI, Progress Messages, GUI, InstallShield Customize installation progress messages. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
52 TechNet - Script Center Script Repository URL TechNet, Script Center, Script Repository, Script Library Script resources for IT professionals. 2018-Nov-03 Microsoft
51 Plan B: Converting Between InstallShield Project Types Blog Entry MSI, InstallShield On converting between different project types. 2011-Mar-15 Robert Dickau
50 You Again: Understanding Windows Installer (MSI) Self-Repair Blog Entry MSI, Self-Repair, Resiliency, Self-Healing Understanding the mysterious Windows Installer self-repair. 2011-Feb-06 Robert Dickau
49 Look, No Hands: InstallShield’s Automation Tools Blog Entry MSI, InstallShield, Automation, VBScript, Active Scripting, Build, IsCmdBld Various ways to automate InstallShield tools. 2010-Nov-23 Robert Dickau
48 VBScript - Tutorials by Guy Thomas Blog Entry VBScript, Active Scripting Free tutorials of VBScripts 2003-Jun-25 Guy Thomas
47 Windows Installer (MSI), Backward and Forward Blog Entry MSI, Essentials, Tips and Tricks, Hints, InstallShield Essentials for dealing with MSI. 2008-Aug-01 Robert Dickau
46 About, Samples, Syntax, Reference SS64 is a reference guide containing syntax and examples for the most prevalent computing commands (Database and Operating System). 2018-Nov-03
45 MSIX Conjectures Blog Entry MSIX, crystal bowl, MSI, deployment Rob Mensching brings out his crystal bowl. 2018-Apr-30 Rob Mensching
44 HTML Color Picker URL HTML colors, Online Tool An online tool to help select HTML colors. Included for quick searchability. 2000-Jan-01 W3Schools
43 WiX Quick-Start Suggestions Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, WiX Sample, Example Astonishingly this "shoot from the hip" answer became popular. 2014-Jul-28 Stein Åsmul
42 StackOverflow: what does Name="SourceDir" refer to? Blog Entry MSI, WiX, SourceDir The poorly understood SourceDir construct explained. 2003-Oct-04 Rob Mensching
41 Windows Installer Components Introduction Blog Entry MSI, WiX 101 of Windows Installer Components. And then some. 2003-Oct-04 Rob Mensching
40 Inside the MSI file format, again Blog Entry MSI, WiX More inside information. 2004-Feb-10 Rob Mensching
39 Inside the MSI file format Blog Entry MSI, WiX Inside information. 2003-Nov-25 Rob Mensching
38 I live here Blog Entry MSI, WiX Rob apparently still lives in the fires of mount Doom (Seattle). 2016-Feb-11 Rob Mensching
37 StackOverflow: What does ALLUSERS="0" mean? Blog Entry MSI, WiX ALLUSERS="0" - the thing that should not be? 2014-Oct-10 Rob Mensching
36 Let's Code - WiX: Bad filenames Blog Entry MSI, WiX Bad file names. Bad news. 2017-Feb-01 Rob Mensching
35 Debug Desktop Bridge Apps with Advanced Installer Advanced Installer MSI, Debugging, Desktop Bridge, UWP, UWP App Container Debug your desktop application inside an UWP app container (Desktop Bridge) using the Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 extension from Advanced Installer Professional edition, or higher. 2017-May-05 Bogdan Mitrache
34 Antivirus Whitelisting Pains Advanced Installer MSI, Malware, Anti Virus, Whitelisting False positives for malware can be a bigger problem than real malware to handle? 2016-Dec-07 Bogdan Mitrache
33 Windows 10 Creators Update can block Win32 Non-Store Apps from Installing Advanced Installer MSI, Win32, MSIX A new trap from Microsoft for deployment. 2017-Mar-03 Bogdan Mitrache
32 .NET Bitness Pain Blog Entry MSI, WiX, .NET, Bitness .NET bitness bites. 2010-Jul-07 Chris Painter
31 The Worst Installer I've Ever Seen Blog Entry MSI, GUI Some installers leave a lot to be desired with regards to GUI and other things alike. 2010-Sep-29 Chris Painter
30 Dealing with Slow Starting Windows Services Blog Entry MSI, WiX, Services Some services need some tender love and care. 2011-Feb-10 Chris Painter
29 In Defense of Merge Modules Blog Entry MSI, Merge Modules, WiX, InstallShield, Advanced Installer A piece on the use of merge modules. 2010-Sep-11 Chris Painter
28 Windows10 S mode - evolved from Widnows 10S - is not dead Stackoverflow MSI, WiX The Windows10 S mode. 2018-Oct-23 Steven Thomas
27 New system information custom actions coming soon to WiX v3 Stackoverflow MSI, WiX OSInfo custom actions. 2007-Apr-29 Bob Arnson
26 Wix toolset license agreement multi-languages issue Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Localization Variables Some WiX snippets showing how you can use localization variables. 2018-Apr-02 Stein Åsmul
25 Beware localization variables Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Localization Variables Localization Variables 2008-Jun-17 Bob Arnson
24 Major upgrades now easier than ever Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Major Upgrades MajorUpgrade convenience element now on sale! 2010-Jan-16 Bob Arnson
23 WiX goodies: WixCop Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, WixCop A tool to format and version-migrate markup. 2008-Mar-26 Bob Arnson
22 WiX performance tip: Use multiple cabinets Stackoverflow MSI, WiX Large packages, the stuff of nightmares. Optimizations? 2008-Mar-29 Bob Arnson
21 New WiX feature: DefaultCompressionLevel Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Compression, MSZip You might want a different compression level for daily builds and milestone builds. 2008-Jan-28 Bob Arnson
20 Cabinet compression testing Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Compression, MSZip Different levels of compression exist for MSI files and their CABs. What effect does different levels have? 2014-Oct-19 Bob Arnson
19 How can I install hotfixes silently to speed up a fresh Windows 7 installation? Superuser MSI, WiX How to install several Windows Update patches in sequence. DISM.exe installs is now apparently a better approach than this wusa one. 2014-Apr-27 Stein Åsmul
18 How to install an MSI silently? (short) Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, msiexec, Silent Install A short description of how to install an MSI silently. 2014-Aug-10 Stein Åsmul
17 How to make better use of MSI files Stackoverflow MSI, WiX On how to use transforms, command line parameters and various other issues relating to MSI deployment. Also an ad-hoc section on MSI anti-patterns. 2009-Jun-28 Stein Åsmul
16 How do I avoid common design flaws in my WiX / MSI deployment solution? Stackoverflow MSI, WiX A crazy, whirlwind tour through some common pitfalls when using MSI. Not great, but hopefully better than nothing. These are the issues that you typically can't find in books (and for good reason - it is messy, and distinctively unimpressive). 2017-Aug-23 Stein Åsmul
15 How can I determine what causes repeated Windows Installer self-repair? Stackoverflow MSI, WiX Windows Installer self-repair or resilience or self-healing has causes many gray hairs among deployment professionals. 2011-May-20 Stein Åsmul
14 How can I find the Upgrade Code for an installed MSI file? Stackoverflow MSI, WiX Upgrade codes are a little elusive to retrieve in Windows due to some technical quirks. 2017-Oct-08 Stein Åsmul
13 What is the benefit and real purpose of program installation? Stackoverflow MSI, WiX Deployment is not a simple task. It might be a high-profile, low-status task though. Here is a piece on the vast array of details deployment may involve. 2014-Mar-29 Stein Åsmul
12 What is the purpose of administrative installation initiated using msiexec /a? Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, InstallShield, Advanced Installer Administrative Installation of MSI files is a repackager favorite feature. 2011-Apr-22 Stein Åsmul
11 Extract MSI from EXE Stackoverflow MSI, InstallShield, WiX, Advanced Installer. Extracting files from a setup.exe can be a black art. 2014-Jul-28 Stein Åsmul
10 Why does MSI require the original .msi file to proceed with an uninstall? Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, msiexec There are many concrete technical reasons why the original MSI can be needed to uninstall properly. 2009-Jul-27 Stein Åsmul
9 Change my component GUID in wix? Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Component GUIDs, Reference Counting MSI Component reference counting is complex and stringent. This tries to eliminate the haze. 2009-Sep-14 Stein Åsmul
8 How can I find the product GUID of an installed MSI setup? Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, InstallShield, Advanced Installer, PACE Suite A few approaches to retrieve MSI product codes. 2015-Apr-29 Stein Åsmul
7 What installation product to use? InstallShield, WiX, Wise, Advanced Installer, etc Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, InstallShield, Advanced Installer, PACE Suite What deployment tool to choose. 2009-Oct-10 Stein Åsmul
6 Uninstalling an MSI file from the command line without using msiexec Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, InstallShield, Uninstall, MSI API, WMI, ARP, Installer Various ways to trigger an MSI uninstall. 2009-Jun-09 Stein Åsmul
5 Windows Installer and the creation of WiX Stackoverflow MSI, WiX, Deployment Complexity An attempt to summarize the rationale behind the WiX toolkit. 2012-Aug-23 Stein Åsmul
4 Common MSI Conditions Cheat Sheet Article MSI, Conditions, Custom Actions A cheat-sheet with common conditions to use for MSI custom actions and other conditions. 2016-Mar-01 Flexera
3 Component, package, product and upgrade codes in Windows Installer Article MSI, GUIDs A full understanding of component, product, package and upgrade codes is required to work effectively with MSI. 2005-Nov-20 Stefan Krüger
2 Using Dual ListBoxes as Replacement for a Multi-Selection ListBox MSI, GUI, Dialogs MSI GUI leaves a lot to be desired. This old article is still interesting to handle the MSI GUI shortcomings. 2005-Nov-20 Stefan Krüger
1 Installation Phases and In-Script Execution Options for Custom Actions in Windows Installer Article MSI, Sequencing, Deferred, Immediate Essential article on Windows Installer's installation phases, custom action sequencing and technical complexity that results. 2001-Aug-27 Stefan Krüger
1095 Submit a file for malware analysis URL Malware, Windows Defender, Smart Screen, Anti-Virus, Security, Scan Microsoft security researches analyze suspicious files to determine threat levels. 2021-Mar-03 Microsoft
1092 WiX v4 Random Facts Nos. 1 and 2 Blog Entry WiX, WiX 4, Random facts, tidbits, what is new. WiX 4 is in preview. Lots of changes - for example a single Wix.exe command line instead of individual binaries such as Candle.exe, Light.exe, etc... 2021-May-19 Bob Arnson
1093 WiX v4 Random Fact No. 3 Blog Entry WiX, WiX 4, Random facts, tidbits, what is new. WiX 4 is in preview. Lots of changes - for example a single Wix.exe command line instead of individual binaries such as Candle.exe, Light.exe, etc... 2021-May-23 Bob Arnson
1091 Fifteen years of WiX Blog Entry WiX WiX is an oldie by now. 2019-Apr-05 Bob Arnson
1094 WiX Toolset v4-preview.0 Blog Entry WiX, WiX 4 WiX 4 is in preview. Lots of changes - for example a single Wix.exe command line instead of individual binaries such as Candle.exe, Light.exe, etc... 2021-May-17 Rob Mensching
1096 Windows Installer 5.0 Single Package Authoring URL MSI, per-user installs, ALLUSERS, per-machine installs, redirected folders It is complex to create MSI packages that can properly support both per-user and per-machine installations. There are many restrictions and limitations to adhere to. 2021-May-25 Advanced Installer
1097 Visual Studio Setup – projects and custom actions URL Visual Studio, MSI, custom actions. Great article from MSI expert Phil Wilson. 2005-Jun-07 Phil Wilson
1098 Force file to autostart with Windows in VS's MSI setup URL Windows autostart, auto, start, auto start, scheduled task, windows service, autorun, startup folder. There are many ways to start processes on Windows startup / boot / login. 2005-Jun-07 Stein Åsmul
1099 How to add license agreement to WiX MSI setup and compile with WiX tools URL WiX 3, License Agreement, custom GUI, candle.exe, light.exe, compiling WiX source files. The tools you need to compile WiX source files manually and how to add a license agreement. 2005-Jun-07 Stein Åsmul
1100 How can I get a screenshot of the UAC prompt? URL UAC prompt, screenshot. The UAC prompt that shows up asking for elevation shows up on a secure desktop separate from the main one. Hence normal print screen does not work. 2005-Jun-07 Stein Åsmul
1101 Light.exe error LGHT0307 'Microsoft.Tools.WindowsInstallerXml.AssemblyDefaultWixExtensionAttribute' was not defined in the assembly URL WiX, MakeSfxCA.exe, custom actions, win32 wrapper, , candle.exe, light.exe, build, batch files, votive, visual studio. Sometimes linking errors in WiX have other causes than you think. Also how to compile WiX source files directly using batch file commands versus using Visual Studio. 2019-Sep-30 Stein Åsmul
1102 What are the Linux equivalents of different Windows file types? URL Windows file types, Linux file types. Equivalent file types on Windows and Linux are many. 2019-Sep-30 Various
1103 WiX v3.14: Details about WiX pi Blog Entry WiX 3.14, PI, WiX release. On WiX's c3.14 release. 2018-Dec-09 Bob Arnson
1104 Twitter: Michael Klement Twitter Account Twitter, Profile. Stackoverflow Powershell Guru. Twitter profile page. 2021-Jun-30 Michael Klement
1105 Github: Michael Klement Github Github. Michael Klement. Stackoverflow Powershell Guru. Michael Klement's Github repositories. 2021-Jun-30 Michael Klement
1106 Stackoverflow User: Michael Klement Stackoverflower Stackoverflower, Profile. Powershell Guru. Stackoverflow profile page. 2021-Jun-30 Michael Klement
1107 MSIEXEC - Argumentlist with Variable Stackoverflow msiexec.exe, command line, Powershell. On Powershell and the msiexec.exe command line 2021-Jun-30 Michael Klement
1108 Installing all .msi files within a folder Stackoverflow msiexec.exe, command line, Powershell. On Powershell and the msiexec.exe command line 2021-Jun-30 Michael Klement
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